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On Karolinska Institutet's website there are so-called profile pages for all staff. The profile page contains your contact information and can also be expanded with more information about your back-ground, what you work with, assignments, publications and more. The information that appears on your profile page on is retrieved in its entirety from KI RIMS.
On this page you will find general information about the profile page as well as instructions for how to complete it in KI RIMS.

Updated profile pages make it easier to get in touch with the right person, both for external visitors and for staff at KI. The profile page is usually the first hit when searching for your name via KI's search engine and often also the first hit when searching on e.g. Google.

The profile page must contain relevant information for your work at KI and follow the regulations for KI's websites and the instructions for these.

Updates are often retrieved automatically retrieves information from KI RIMS when it is changed there. Due to cache-times between all the systems involved, it can take up to an hour before your changes are visible on 

Public posts only

On, only the information that you have chosen to display as Public in KI RIMS is displayed.

This is how the English profile page looks like.


The profile page is available in both Swedish and English. If there is no Swedish information entered in KI RIMS, the English information is retrieved instead.

This means that some entries will mix Swedish and English information - for example in your CV.

Address of the page (URL)

English address:

Swedish address:

The old profile page address ( continues to work. However, even older addresses do not work anymore.

Contact information

At the top of the profile page, your name, position, e-mail, telephone number and address are displayed.


Your title is your position or affilitiaion to KI, but also some titles that are automatically retrieved: if you are head of department and/or docent. You can add other titles yourself by marking them as favorites in KI RIMS.

Manage your professional activities

Part of – group affiliation

The department you belong to will always appear under the heading Part of with a link to the department’s website.

Other groups – for example units or research groups – you belong to are added as the new group pages are published on

Group pages on

Social media links

Some links in KI RIMS are shown with an icon in the contact details:

  • Google scholar
  • Research gate
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Orcid

Right column

The right column is the same in both language versions of the profile page.

Mobile platforms: Please note that the right column is moved to the end of the page, i.e under all other information in mobile platforms.


If you have entered YouTube videos in My profile in KI RIMS, they will appear in the right-hand column, as a video.


If you entered links in My profile: Websites, they appear here.


During spring 2024, we expect to launch a new filtering search for research information on It will use the tags/labels you have in KI RIMS. When the filtering search is launched, some of these tags will appear on your profile page and be clickable.

Tabs with information

The profile page is divided into a number of tabs. The tabs are only displayed if there is information to display in them.

About me

Here, information is retrieved from "My profile" in KI RIMS - from the fields Overview, Research interests and Teaching. This is text that you enter in KI RIMS yourself or that was imported from your old profile page.

Note! These fields are retrieved for each language and are displayed separately in Swedish and English.

Manage your profile information


All your publications are retrieved from KI RIMS and displayed here in chronological order. If you have marked one or more publications as Favourite, they appear at the top with the heading "Selected publications".

Below these come articles and journal articles and finally all other publications.

Manage your publications


This tab shows what is under Professional activities in KI RIMS with the following headings:

  • Employments
  • Degrees and education
  • Leadership/responsibility assignment
  • Visiting research fellowships
  • Distinction and awards
  • Supervisor
  • Committee work
  • Editorial work
  • Journal reviewing
  • Other expert assignments
  • Thesis evaluation
  • Conference/event participation

Note! The tab only appears if there is more than one record set to Public in Professional activities!

Manage your professional activities


The research grants that you have claimed in KI RIMS are shown on this tab. On we only show:

  • Title with link to the financier's description if available
  • Financier
  • Start and end date

Grants that you have marked as favorites end up at the top with the heading Selected grants.

Manage your research grants

Public outreach and news

If there are news and calendar entries linked to you on, they are displayed under this tab.

The tab also displays information from some publication types in KI RIMS:

  • Presentations (slides)
  • Media (audio-visual)
  • Newspaper articles

I don't have a profile page - why?

If you have just started at KI, you will have an account in KI RIMS the day after your KI account is created.

After that, information is forwarded to

If it's been many days since you started and you still don't have a profile page, it could be due to privacy settings in IDAC - check with your IDAC administrator.

What happens if I leave KI?

When your employment or affiliation has ended, your profile page on also disappears.

More information for logged in staff

There is more information for those of you working in the following groups

  • K1.Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery
  • K9.Department of Global Public Health
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