Rules for content on KI's central website

Karolinska Institutet's (KI) central website, shall represent the entire KI and be able to respond to the needs of several target groups. KI as an organization is perceived as the sender of all content within the website. The organization must therefore be able to stand behind the content, in terms of facts as well as language, images, form and structure. All content must be accurate, comprehensive, updated and structured in a clear manner.

  • Diary number: 1-664/2021
  • Decision date:
  • Validity period: Until further notice
  • Decision: President
  • Document type: Guidelines
  • Handled by department/unit: Kommunikationsavdelningen
  • Preparation with: Central management, head editors

KI's website shall:

  • constitute a hub for communication at KI and contribute to strengthening KI as a university
  • strengthen relationships and communication with KI's priority stakeholders, nationally and internationally
  • profile KI for prospective students and prospective employees
  • profile KI as a medical university and arouse interest in the medical field.

Summary of the guidelines

Purpose and target group for these rules

The purpose of these regulations is to determine how KI's central website is to be used. The regulations are supplemented by Instructions for content on KI's central website (Dnr 1-665 / 2021) which provides further guidance on how different types of content should be structured.

Anyone who uses as a tool in their communication should know these regulations and take support in the instructions when creating and editing content.

Responsibility and administration

The Communications and Public Relations Office has the overall responsibility for KI's central website, but the responsibility for the content on the website follows KI's decision and delegation procedures. Each manager with operational responsibility has the overall responsibility for the content that the department / department / unit publishes. It also includes ensuring that there are replacements for content managers and web editors, both in the absence and when someone changes roles.

Shared responsibility between content curator and web editor

Responsibility for content on the website is divided operationally into the roles of content curator and web editor. A person can have one or both roles for a particular content.

All pages must have a content curator who is responsible for the content 

  • being correct
  • being comprehensive, ie includes all the information needed for the site to achieve its purpose
  • being updated
  • meets to users' needs.

The role of content curator must be assigned to a person and cannot be attributed to a function, department or unit.

Web editor is responsible for

  • that the information is adapted for the web
  • the structure and context of the information
  • that text, image and form help the user to find and do the right thing.

Responsibility for maintenance and evaluation

The content manager and web editor must continuously maintain and evaluate their content.

Mandate to change and update

The web administration has a mandate to restructure, relocate or remove content that does not follow the regulations and / or instructions or ask a web editor to do this.

What content can be found within KI's central website?

When KI's activities are presented digitally, and KI is the sender of the information, it must be done within the framework of (KI's central website).

The website shall be the main channel for information to KI's target groups. When a visitor comes to to confirm or know more about something they have seen or heard elsewhere, there must be information that corresponds to that need on

Content that does not fit within the website

Web pages may not:

  • contain material that is in violation of applicable law
  • contain material that is offensive or offensive
  • contain political, racist or religious propaganda or dissemination of opinions
  • contain copied or uploaded material where KI is not the sender / author
  • used to distribute material that may infringe copyright rules.

Bilingual website

KI's central website is bilingual, which means that Swedish content must be mirrored in English and vice versa. The exception is content that is only aimed at an audience whom the sender knows only understands Swedish or English. Swedish content must not appear on an English page and vice versa.

Appearance and design

KI's central website follows KI's graphic profile and guidelines for KI's brand. The design of the website must be based on accessibility principles, ie it must be possible to perceive, manageable, understandable and robust.

Archiving and clearing out

KI's central website is covered by the swedish law Lag (2012:492) om pliktexemplar av elektroniskt material (Act on compulsory copies of electronic material). Pages (new and updated) are automatically sent to the Royal Library, KB.

Profile page

All staff members at KI have their own profile page. As a staff member at KI, you must keep your page updated. Instructions for how to update the profile page can be found in on Profile page