Steering documents

The list below is a compilation of rules, guidelines, policies, strategies, action plans, and instructions. These documents are the steering documents of Karolinska Institutet.

Document type Category Title Decision date Handled by Decision
Guidelines HR Guidelines on wellness benefits Universitetsförvaltningen, HR-avdelningen President
Instructions General questions The President's decision-making procedures and delegation rules Strategiskt ledningsstöd President
Instructions Education at basic level and advanced level Instructions for administrating the withdrawal and reinstatement of doctoral student resources Juridiska avdelningen Kommittén för utbildning på forskarnivå
Policy Postgraduate education Policy for strategic partnerships with international higher education institutions, companies, and organisations Fakultetskansliet och internationella relationer President
Instructions Organisation Instructions for delegating roles and tasks in a department or equivalent Strategiskt ledningsstöd President
Rules Premises Internal lease terms Fastighetsavdelningen Rektor
Guidelines IT Guidelines for digital signatures Juridiska avdelningen University director
Guidelines Research Guidelines on ethical principles for human research outside Sweden Juridiska avdelningen President
Instructions Organisation Instructions for data protection impact assessments Juridiska avdelningen Head of legal office
Policy Communication Communications policy Kommunikationsavdelningen President