The Biosafety Committee

The Biosafety committee works on behalf of the Committee of research and is KI´s coordinating and advisory part within the field of biosafety. The Committee shall promote that laws and regulations are followed in the field.

The Biosafety Committee has both an expert function and a coordinating and advisory role for issues related to risk assessment, classification and protection measures. Routines for notifications and applications in biosecurity, including the contained use of genetically modified microorganisms (GMMs) are also included.

The committee shall also participate in assessments and prepare directives, and follow upp implementation of the directives.

In concrete terms, the Biosafety Committee shall:

  • Develop comprehensive guidelines for KI's departments in biosafety work and GMM management
  • Continuously follow up the need for training in biosafety for KI's researchers
  • Answer questions about biosafety
  • Pay special attention to and answer questions concerning reports for work with GMM and infectious substances to the Swedish Work Environment Authority
  • Keep records of notification and applications for GMM activities at KI
  • Receive grant applications to the NIH where GMMs and GMOs occur for assessment from a biosafety perspective

The Biosafety Committee consists of representatives from Karolinska Institutet, Karolinska University Hospital and Stockholm University.


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