Guidelines for steering documents

This document contains guidelines for the writing of steering documents. It aims to ensure that such documents are written in a way that is comprehensible, clear and accessible and that they have the desired effect.
NOTE: This is a translation of the Swedish version (Riktlinjer för styrdokument) In the event of any discrepancy between the versions, the Swedish version constitutes the official decision and the Swedish wording will prevail.

  • Diary number: 1-306/2019
  • Dnr preg. version: 1-271/2015
  • Decision date:
  • Validity period: Until further notice
  • Decision: University director
  • Document type: Guidelines
  • Handled by department/unit: Juridiska avdelningen
  • Preparation with: Legal department

Summary of the guidelines

The guidelines allow a certain degree of individual variation in the composition of a steering document, but also contain a number of compulsory directions. 

Steering documents at an organisational unit 

A head of department or departmental administrative manager may decide on internal steering documents. Such documents must not, however, contradict general steering documents issued centrally at KI. 

Types of document 

The type of document (i.e. its classification) expresses the degree of control that KI seeks to achieve. Steering documents can describe both approaches and clear rules or contain instructions for a particular process. General steering documents at KI break down into six types: rules, guidelines, policies, strategies, action plans and instructions.

Guidelines in full