Anti-bribery guidelines

These guidelines are intended to provide guidance on what is and what is not permissible in the interests of preventing corruption.The guidelines are for all employees and contractors of KI

  • Diary number: 1-110/2020
  • Dnr preg. version: 5-519/0801
  • Decision date:
  • Validity period: Until further notice
  • Decision: University director
  • Document type: Guidelines
  • Handled by department/unit: Juridiska avdelningen
  • Preparation with: Legal department and HR

Summary of the guidelines

It is the responsibility of all employees of Karolinska Institutet (KI) to remain objective and impartial in their case-handling, decision-making and actions. It is of vital importance that the public can trust the organisation to remain affected by undue consideration or outside interests. Rules on the taking and receiving of bribes are in place to maintain confidence in the impartiality of all employees, and apply to both the public and private sector; however, the courts are particularly stringent about corruption in the former. It is a penal offence for an employee acting for the organisation to receive or demand compensation that might objectively constitute a bribe. KI is duty bound to refer such conduct for prosecution. No employee or contractor of KI may accept a benefit that might objectively constitute a bribe without impunity. Criminal liability resides with the recipient of a bribe.


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