Guidelines on photographing, filming and sound-recording on the Karolinska Institutet premises

Recording on the KI premises requires a permit unless it is for private use or done at the request of the university. By “KI premises” is meant all spaces that KI has the right to use for its activities. External environments are not covered by these guidelines, but care must be taken to ensure security/safety and emergency access.

  • Diary number: 1-317/2021
  • Decision date:
  • Validity period: Fr.o.m. 2021-03- 25 och tills vidare
  • Decision: Universitetsdirektören
  • Document type: Guidelines
  • Handled by department/unit: Juridiska avdelningen
  • Preparation with: Departments and professional services
  • Revision with respect to: Nytt styrdokument

These guidelines shall provide support for decision-making on whether recording is permissible on a case-by-case basis and to create consistency in how such matters are handled. The guidelines allow a degree of individual variation and thus provide a certain margin of discretion.


Private individuals recording for their own use need no permit unless otherwise notified (e.g. students wishing to record lectures or the like).


Recording on KI premises, such as laboratories and lecture halls, requires the consent of the researcher/teacher in charge. Recording may only be done in offices by agreement with the official occupant(s). Whoever is in charge of a department may permit recording in the premises it has at its disposal. The Professional Services press office can assist on such matters. No such permission is required for outdoor recording, but anyone requesting to do so should be advised that KI’s buildings are not to be used for commercial purposes or in a way that might impact on or damage KI’s reputation.

Special permission is required for recording in the University Library and the Medical History and Heritage, and is granted at the discretion of the respective library director.

Recording on KI premises leased for events etc. is covered by the terms and conditions stated in the booking confirmation or in the leasing agreement.