AI-generated images and videos

Using AI to create images, videos, and illustrations offers great creative opportunities. However, to use AI-generated content, you need to relate to certain legal aspects and the framework set by Karolinska Institutet's graphic profile.

Here you will find advice on how to think when generating visual content using artificial intelligence, to be used in KI's internal or external communication.

  • When marketing Karolinska Institutet, we do not use AI-generated images to represent our campus environments, staff, or students. We use images of actual environments, researchers, and students to create a credible image of KI. 
  • AI-generated images can be used for various types of graphics and thematic images, mainly for material that would otherwise have been illustrated with purchased genre images from an image bank. It must be clearly stated that the images are AI-generated. 

Copyright and usage rights 

The legal situation regarding AI images and copyright is not entirely clarified, but if you use AI images, it is important to keep this in mind:  

  • You should assume that you will not get copyright for the content you are currently generating. The Swedish Patent and Registration Office says, "To obtain copyright, the person who created the work must be human and have been able to make free creative choices.” 
  • You should always read the terms of use of the different tools you use - the terms may differ. Usage rights mean that you can use the images you created using the tool, but are not the same as copyright, where you alone own the rights to your material. 
  • If an AI tool happens to generate an image that is too close to a copyrighted work, such as a painting or a photograph, there is a risk that the use of the image could constitute a copy and thus an infringement of copyright. 

Follow the graphic profile 

KI has a graphic profile that must be applied to all material where KI is the sender. It contains, among other things, a checklist for how we consistently use images and videos. Use the checklist as much as possible when creating images using AI. You can find the checklist on the page Images, photos, film, and illustrations.

Video material produced using AI tools must also follow KI's graphic profile.

Label material created with AI 

Always label all images, videos, and illustrations that you have created using AI, using the following example: 

  • “AI-generated image created with the Adobe Firefly tool” 

AI processing of images 

As a rule, you may not freely post-process and alter a photographer-supplied image without direct approval. For stock images or images with a CC license, you must follow the specific agreements in place. 

  • What rights did you buy or download the image with? 
  • Can you edit the image at all? 
  • Can it be used in AI tools that then use the image to train the tool?

Rapid development 

The technical development in generative AI is moving very fast. Here, we have focused on providing general guidance on the use of AI-generated material, rather than providing tips or guidance on different tools. 

The content will be updated regularly to reflect, for example, legal and copyright changes, or the availability of different tools for employees.

Please contact the Communications and Public Relations Office if you have any questions.