KI DevReg Salon on Sleep: a way to maintain your metabolic fitness.

Did you know that sleep loss alters energy expenditure and is tied to an increased risk of obesity?

Photo: Erika Tanos

SPEAKER: Jonathan Cedernaes, MD, PhD. Department of Neuroscience at Uppsala University and Metabolism & Molecular Medicine, Northwestern University USA.

DATE: 28th of September 2020 at NEO.

We invited Jonathan to share some findings from his sleep research and tell us about ways to increase scientific outreach.

How does disrupted sleep & circadian rhythms impair your metabolic health? What about sex differences between woman and men? We learned how sleep loss alters energy expenditure and is tied to an increased risk of obesity. Combined sleep loss and circadian disruption impairs insulin sensitivity. In addition, the hedonic brain areas are also becoming more active, making us more prone to choose unhealthy snacks after a sleepless night. We also discussed dissemination and curation of knowledge to a wider audience - using your voice in the scientific community in various channels to contribute to the 3rd mission of universities.

Jonathan is very active on his Facebook pageCOVID-19 Svenska Läkargruppen and also channels like Reddit etc making accessible summaries of articles and complex information.

Happy to have you as our ambassador Jonathan! 

ORGANIZED BY: Karolina KublickieneDevReg Doctoral Programme, CLINTEC, Renal Medicine. Moderated by Erika Tanos. The programme generally aims to improve transferable skills and emphasise sex, gender & diversity dimension aspects in biomedical research.

The DevReg programme aims to enhance transferrable skills and highlight gender dimension aspects.

To address growing societal and economic challenges, we also believe that the role of the university is not limited to education and research but includes the "third mission". Both researchers and students can act as changemakers, engage with society and link the university’s activities with its socio-economic context to improve health for everybody.