Leadership courses

Every semester, leaders and managers at KI are offered various leadership courses and seminars.

Manager courses: base

New manager at KI 

Targeting new managers at KI with a delegated managerial responsibility. 

Training in Work environment issues related to manager responsibilities 

The course "Work environment issues related to manager responsibilities" consists of a series of three modules. The training is mandatory for those with delegated work environment tasks.

Module 1: Systematic work environment managent 
Opens the series

Module 2: Organizational and social work environment
Can be taken in any order

Module 3: Laboratory safety 
For managers with delegated work environment tasks in laboratory environment

Academic leadership courses

Leading research projects (LRP)

Doctoral supervisor training 

Leadership for research group leaders

Higher leadership courses

KI´s Higher Leadership Program (KIHLP)

Targets new and potential Head of Departments, Administrative managers and Operational managers. 

Future Academic Leaders (FAL) 

The aim is to support and educate future leaders at the departments and KI at large. The program is a collaboration between the departments and KI´s leadership and organisational development unit. 

Julia Linder