Microsoft Teams

Teams is a social collaboration tool in Office 365 that groups can use to get organised, chat and collaborate in various forms. All employees can create teams in Office 365. Teams is the recommended tool for collaboration between staff at KI.

Microsoft Team's icon.

Create a team in Teams

A team in Teams is a collaboration space for a selected group of people working together on a specific topic. This could be a research group, division, or a project team.

    Add a link to an e-meeting via Teams in Outlook by clicking "Teams meeting".
    Click on the icon "Teams-möte"/"Teams meeting" to schedule a meeting in Teams.

    Note when creating a team:

    • Choose the right type of team
    • The team has to have two owners. If anyone of the owners stops working at KI, don’t forget to add a new owner to your team.
    • Choose if the team should be open, for all staff at KI to access, or private. In private teams, only the persons you invite can access the information in the team.
    • The team’s name will start with ”GRP_”. Choose a name that describes the collaboration well. Avoid acronyms and generic names that are not descriptive enough.
    • A team can consist of several channels. A channel within a team can be dedicated to a certain area, field or project. All members of a team can create a channel in the team.
      Overview of teams and channels

    Digital meetings with Teams

    Invite to a Teams-meeting with Outlook

    The easiest way to set up a Teams meeting is via Outlook. You can either chose to include a Teams link into an already existing meeting invitation by clicking "Teams meeting" from within your invitation, or by directly choosing "Teams meeting" when you create your invite in Outlook.

    If you are logged in to Teams, you can also set up your meeting directly in the tool (on desktop or mobile).

    Participants join the meeting via link

    Participants that have been invited to the meeting can join by simply clicking on the link "Anslut till Microsoft Teams-möte"/"Join Microsoft Teams meeting" in the invitation.

    If the participant has Microsoft Teams installed, Teams will automatically open.

    If the participant does not have Microsoft Teams installed on his/her computer, they can join the meeting on the web.

    Chat and set up spontaneous meetings

    Webinar with Teams live event

    When you want to arrange a webinar you can use the live event function within Teams.

    Training in Microsoft Teams

    The IT Office can provide training sessions for Teams.

    Content and upcoming dates


    Support for Teams is available directly at Microsoft.