Microsoft 365 training

Learn how to use the Microsoft 365 suite more efficiently. The training sessions are free of charge and intended for staff and affiliates at KI.

The training sessions are led by Birgitta Lönnerberg, a Microsoft Certified Trainer with over 20 years experience in teaching staff how to use Microsoft programmes. Until further notice the sessions will be conducted online via Zoom, with up to 15 participants per session.



Excel - your best friend

The course is intended for those of you who would like to become more efficient when working with Excel. Examples of topics that may appear during the course:

  • Perform calculations (using formulas, functions, references, formatting)
  • Lists (create and format tables containing large amount of data, filter and sorting, use of PivotTable, conditional formatting, etc.)
  • Charts (visualising your data, creating charts, etc.)
  • Basics (navigation, print settings, get help, useful tips, etc.)

Excel special: Conditions

This course is intended for those of you who already are familiar with Excel and would like to know more about conditions in Excel.

Main topics:

  • Conditional formatting
  • Conditional functions as IF and IFS

Prerequisites: "Excel - your best friend" or similar knowledge. You have basic knowledge of using Excel functions and you know the difference between relative and absolute references.


Examples of topics that may appear during the course:

  • For a consistent and professional look, apply styles in your document
  • Insert tables, pictures, watermarks 
  • Layout pages
  • Pages, columns, page break
  • References and footnotes
  • Table of content
  • Settings
  • Get help
  • Useful tips


Examples of topics that may appear during the course:

  • Create presentations
  • Slideshows 
  • one file - many slideshows 
  • Use templates and slide master
  • Presenter view – speaker notes 
  • Add text, images, art and videos 
  • Settings
  • Useful tips


Examples of topics that may appear during the course:

  • Organise your inbox
  • E-mail and calendar
  • Create/book appointments and meetings
  • Share your calendar
  • Smart settings
  • Useful tips

OneNote and Whiteboard

Two apps for writing and drawing.

Examples of topics that may appear during the course:

  • Make your own meeting notes with connection to Outlook
  • Format and tag your notes
  • Turn notes into tasks
  • Share your notes
  • Get to know the different OneNote versions
  • Write and draw on a digital whiteboard, private or shared
  • Use templates
  • Use Whiteboard in Teams and Zoom meetings

Forms and Bookings

A course to introduce you to the apps Forms and Bookings!

  • Forms – Create surveys, polls and quizzes
  • Bookings – Create booking pages

Microsoft 365/Teams

  • Introduction to Microsoft 365 (former Office 365) and Microsoft Teams 
  • Set up and customise your teams
  • Explore Apps and tools
  • Upload and find files
  • Collaborate in Teams 
  • Start chats and calls


Sign up for a course by sending an email to Birgitta Lönnerberg, specifying the name and date of the course. There is no cost to participate. Please register using your account.

If a course is fully booked or if you cannot find any other scheduled alternatives, please send an email to Birgitta Lönnerberg, so that she can organise a new training session as soon as there are enough interested participants to fill the course.

Upcoming training sessions

Book training session for a group

If you would like to book a training session for your unit or department you are welcome to contact Birgitta Lönnerberg.


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