IT Research Support

IT research support is your contact point at the IT Office for research-related IT issues.

IT research support helps you as a researcher with customised IT solutions. The goal is to find robust IT solutions that meet research's unique and specific needs.

How we support you as a researcher

We start from the organisation's needs to continuously develop qualitative, secure and sustainable IT solutions. Therefore, we primarily try to build our solutions on university-wide IT services, services from KI's Core Facilities, our procured cloud services or the national resources presented below.

We work with, among other things:

  • Needs and requirements analysis.
  • Architecture and solution proposals.
  • Support in purchasing and procurement.
  • Collaboration with national support networks.
  • Business intelligence.
  • Identifying trends based on incoming needs.

Research data

IT research support is also part of the Research Data Office and contributes to needs and requirements regarding the underlying IT support for research data.

National Resources

KI is part of the National Academic Infrastructure for Supercomputing in Sweden, NAISS.

As a researcher at KI, you have access to national computing resources, free of charge, after an application procedure.

National collaboration

The ITCF has adopted the national reference architecture for IT research support, which you can read in full here.

The reference architecture was developed by a project led by Mikael Wettercrantz, IT architect and strategist at the IT Office.

The starting point for the project was that the IT Offices at Swedish universities traditionally have a firm delivery of standardised IT, such as client computers, networks, Office suites, etc. Since research often has needs beyond standardised IT, the reference architecture aims to establish a model for more appropriate IT support.

The work on the reference architecture resulted in a national network for IT research support under ITCF. KI holds the chairmanship of this network.

Contact us

Feel free to contact us with questions about research-related IT support or the national resources available.

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Mikael Carp

Coordinator IT Research Support
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Johan Lagerros

Research Infrastructure Specialist