IT fee

All departments and the central professional services pay an annual fee for their employees, associated staff and doctoral students to the IT Office. The fee enables the IT Office to offer a secure, modern and flexible IT environment for your work.

The IT fee finances parts of the common infrastructure at our campuses such as parts of the wired and wireless network with associated infrastructure, central directory service, redundant data centers, centrally procured contracts and the systems for Mac and PC computers. The fee is 10,400 kroner per year and user.

What is included in the IT fee?


  • Eduroam - a wireless network that is a global federation and available at most universities. The network is also available in many hospitals, airports and libraries.
  • SUNET, internet connection for students, employees and affiliates within our campus areas.


  • Microsoft 365 including, among other things:
    - E-mail with spam management, virus control etc.
    - Team e-meetings.
    - 1 TB storage in OneDrive.
    - Word, Excel and Powerpoint, available online and installed on up to 5 computers.
  • E-meetings - Zoom and Teams.
  • MFT (Managed File Transfer), the possibility to share and receive data from external parties in a secure way.
  • Access to central license management with two-factor authentication.


  • 73 TB, including backup at central storage servers, per department.
  • 1 TB storage in OneDrive per user.


  • IT security in the form of protection from data breaches, traffic monitoring, logging and rules and guidelines in the security area.
  • Standardized login to central systems. Login to external systems with KI-ID through SWAMID.