Wireless networks on Campus

You can connect to wifi at Karolinska Institutet's campus areas. There are different networks for employees, students, partners and guests.

Updates on the page

New solution for guest network KI-Guest

The guest network has now been updated and guests no longer need a password to connect.

For employees with KI computers: KI-Staff

KI-Staff is a wireless network that you can access with a KI computer (a computer managed by the IT Office at KI Professional Services). The network connects automatically and does not require an extra login.

When you are connected to KI-Staff, you do not need to connect via VPN; you automatically have access to all KI's resources.

For students and employees without KI computers: eduroam

If you do not have a KI computer or are a student, you can use eduroam. You will find instructions on installing and connecting to eduroam on KI Self Service.

To connect your computer to eduroam for the first time, you must be connected to the network, for example, via a network cable or another wireless network.

Guides on how to install eduroam on your PC/Mac and iPhone/Android

Once you have installed eduroam, you will automatically be logged in whenever you receive a signal from the eduroam network.

You must connect via the VPN service to access KI's internal resources when on eduroam.

NOTE! Remember to enter your new password to connect to eduroam when you change your regular KI account password.

Is VPN required to access what you need to work on?

The IT Office has actively worked to reduce the number of systems and services that require VPN to access remotely - and the vast majority can now be accessed by simply logging in with your KI ID. On the VPN page you will find an up-to-date list of what does and does not require a VPN.

If you do not need to use a VPN for what you are working on, you can simply ignore establishing a connection through VPN.

Did you know…?

eduroam is a collaboration between colleges and universities worldwide to facilitate the use of each other's wireless networks. eduroam is available at many institutions both in Sweden and abroad. Always use the settings that apply to Karolinska Institutet, also in places outside of KI's campus.

For partners: KI-Access

Employees at one of KI's partners, such as Region Stockholm, can connect via KI-Access. From KI-Access you reach some of KI's resources. The network is available for example in Bioclinicum.

To gain access to KI-Access you can turn to the IT support at your organisation.

For guests: KI-Guest

KI's campuses in Solna and Flemingsberg have a wireless guest network, which visitors to conferences and seminars can use.

How to connect guests to the guest wireless network:

  1. Look up KI-Guest.
  2. When you connect, you will be taken to a login portal.
  3. Read the complete user policy by scrolling down.
  4. Press Accept.
  5. You now have access to the guest network for 4 hours.

If you need an extended connection after these four hours, simply reconnect again.

Network for temporary guests only

A large part of the daily users of KI-Guest are students and staff who should be using eduroam or KI-Staff. KI-Guest has limited capacity and is intended for our temporary guests on campus. As staff, we should always use the intended and faster options available.


For any problems or questions, please contact Helpdesk.

More information for logged in staff

There is more information for those of you working in the following groups

  • OF.Department of Dental Medicine
  • OV.University Dental Clinic
Log in with KI-ID
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