Windows 11 and an updated client platform

Shortly, all new Karyon clients ordered as a rental computer (the lifecycle management service) will come with Windows 11 and an updated client platform. This makes the experience and management of software slightly different from what you are used to.

Windows 11 logo.
Windows 11. Photo: Microsoft

Why Windows 11?

Windows 11 has been on the market since 2021, and in 2025 support for the older Windows 10 will end. Before this shift, all Karyon clients (work computers at KI) need to have switched to the newer operating system.

As a first step in this transition, newly ordered rental computers computers will be delivered with Windows 11. The client platform, i.e. the underlying installation that manages all Karyon clients, is also being updated - which means that some things will look a little different from before.

As the platform is still new, it is possible to have the old platform based on Windows 10 installed if you need it.

What will be new for you as a user?

  • The Windows 11 interface is familiar but updated. Microsoft has extensive introductory material where you can immerse yourself in the parts you need: Meet Windows 11
  • The installation of your new computer is now performed through the cloud. All you need to get started with your computer is an internet connection. The first time you log in to it, you will use your KI email. During the setup phase, you'll activate Windows Hello, which allows you to log in to your computer using a PIN or facial recognition.
  • Even after setting up Windows Hello, you will occasionally need to log in with your KI email and password, but not at every restart or unlock.
  • Installing your applications is done through the new Company Portal app. It is pre-installed and attached to the start menu. A guide for installing your software can be found in KI Self Service
Screenshot of Windows 11.
Use the "Company Portal" app in Windows 11 to install the software you are licensed to use.

Get started with your new computer

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