Life cycle management service for computers

This service makes it possible to get a new computer at a fixed monthly cost during 36 months, instead of making a single computer purchase in Wisum. This service entails advantages financially as well as environmentally.

About the Life cycle management service 

You can choose between any PC or Mac computer the IT Office has certified for the client platform Karyon; use that computer for 36 months, after which it will be automatically replaced with a new one, as the old computer is recycled.

As the service is based on an efficient life cycle management of the hardware, the cost over the 36 months will be lower than buying and writing off the computer during the same period. We also contribute to significant benefits for the environment and the climate.

Advantages for the economy, climate and environment

With the help of an experienced partner that provides effective processes for life cycle management and reuse of IT equipment, we not only keep the total cost of purchasing computer hardware down.

As previously mentioned, procuring computers in this way also provides significant benefits for the climate and the environment and is part of KI's work to reach the goals set for sustainable development in KI's Strategy 2030.

Streamlined and reliable deliveries​​​​

  • All orders are collected at our partner and delivered together to reduce the number of transports to KI.
  • Delivery time is up to 2-3 weeks.
  • Delivery takes place without packaging in a safety cabinet. The packaging is handled according to environmentally certified processes at our partner. This reduces the volume of transport.
  • Through our partner, we build up our own stock of the standard models we use, ensuring that we receive delivery of our computers within the agreed timeframe. In this way, we can get around the problem of long deliveries, which the global component shortages now so often entail.
  • The computer is delivered to your workplace on one of our Campuses by our experienced technicians, who will help you get started and can answer your questions on the spot if necessary.

Reuse and recycling - benefits for the climate and the environment

  • Computers are returned to the supplier after 36 months, reconditioned and reused in other organizations that do not have the same demands on performance and reliability.
  • Computers or other IT equipment that cannot be reused are recycled according to environmentally certified processes, which means the material can be used in new manufacturing.

Operational safety

  • A computer that is replaced every three years maintains performance and does not negatively affect productivity as an older computer can.
  • The probability that the computer would break during the first three years is minimal, and therefore the risk of data loss, which could otherwise entail high costs, is radically reduced.
  • The service includes the option to quickly replace a broken computer with a new one in the event of an accident. You will usually have a replacement computer on the same day.
  • By defining and certifying a smaller number of models, the complexity and, thus, the administration of KI's client platform is reduced, meaning a more stable platform that requires fewer resources to administer.

Information security

  • As all computers covered by the lifecycle management service are taken back by our partner, we minimize the risk of old computers going astray or being forgotten.
  • The computers that are recovered are placed in locked security cabinets before delivery back to our partner. Our partner handles them according to certified methods to guarantee that no unauthorized person has access to the computers.
  • All repossessed computers are erased using software that complies with global data destruction security standards. That type of software is used by the police and the defence, among others, and ensures that no data can be read back once the hard drive has been erased.
  • After each repossession of computers, ITA is provided with a report of all computers that have been repossessed and deleted —ensuring that data leakage does not occur.

Models and pricing

The PCs and Macs that can be ordered through the new hardware lifecycle management service are the same ones that ITA previously certified for use in the Karyon standard platform.

The choice of specific models changes over time, but we strive to maintain a good balance between cost and performance to meet the various uses the computers must fulfil.

For current models and pricing - visit Wisum:

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