KI-GitLab - for managing source code

When you join KI-GitLab for free, you access a shared storage space for your group’s source code in KI’s data centres. You can share and version control your source code simply and securely with other KI users.

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When you order a project in KI-GitLab, you can specify who should be the Owner and Maintainer. These roles can then add users to the project they are a member of.

Read more about Permissions and roles in GitLab here

Each so-called commit is limited to 10 MB. 

Login and access

To access the service you need to configure a service-specific MFA to access your repositories.

The service is set up per research group, but other KI employees can be added once the project space has been created.

It is currently not possible to invite external parties to project spaces.

To order an account

You order access to KI-GitLab through this form.

Helpdesk handles the order ticket and and you will be contacted once the order has been completed. The delivery time is usually about two working days. 

To get started

Follow the instructions on KI Self Service:


If you have questions or need help getting started with your project space, create a new support case on KI Self Service.

Otherwise, refer to GitLab’s documentation and user guides on Learn GitLab with tutorials | GitLab

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