Forms: these tools are available to use

As an employee, you have access to a collection of tools to create forms and surveys. You can choose which of these to use based on your needs.

Illustration of survey
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KI Survey

KI Survey is a survey tool provided by the cloud-based service Sunet Survey. It allows you to create surveys, course evaluations and other types of surveys and follow up the results in standardised reports.

KI Survey is used, among other things, for course evaluations and various elections at KI. No extra login is needed to reach the tool, you will access it with your KI-ID.

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Support in KI Survey

Currently, KI cannot offer you personal support in the KI Survey tool. Instead, take part in the built-in help sections, which you can always reach in the upper right corner next to your name.

When you log in, you also see a news feed in the right column where you can take part of updates. 

For information and guidance on course evaluations in KI Survey and Canvas, see Course evaluation process.


REDCap is an online platform for conducting surveys and is often used in research. You can find detailed information on the tool and all its features at the Research Support Office pages.

Microsoft Forms

A simple tool for creating enrolment forms, surveys, questionnaires and polls. It is integrated with Microsoft 365, which makes it easy to set up, collect and analyse responses.

It is common to use Forms for registrations for seminars, conferences and the like.

Think about this when creating forms

  • Other form services, such as Google Forms, must not be used at KI. Use any of the excellent services above instead.

  • In order not to violate GDPR, you should consider using the term "Food Preference" for special requirements for food in the case of, for example, allergies, vegan diet and so on when creating a notification form. Create a box with an active opt-in for consent, and describe that this information is saved prior to the execution of the meeting session but will be deleted afterwards.