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On this page, you will find information about KI's range of telephony services - everything from different subscriptions for individual employees to services for larger groups and functions, complementary services for text messaging, and more.

Introduction (in Swedish)

Subscriptions for employees

There is a wide range of subscriptions for telephony and browsing based on your needs. The standard subscription for employees is called a mobile extension.

Mobile extension

A mobile extension is connected to a mobile phone in Karolinska Institutet's switchboard system. With a mobile extension, you get an extension number, a mobile subscription including call costs within Sweden and abroad, an operator function and a referral option at a fixed price.

A mobile extension is KI's standard subscription suitable for all employees at Karolinska Institutet.


  • Extension 08-524 8x xxx.
  • Mobile phone subscription.
  • Free calls within Sweden/EU/EEA and from Sweden/EU/EEA abroad.
  • Free SMS and MMS to Swedish subscriptions in Sweden and outside Sweden but within the EU/EEA.
  • Data plans in different sizes.
  • Switchboard operator.
  • Voicemail with notification by email or SMS.
  • Referral via mobile app.

Important to know

  • By default, roaming is blocked.
  • Continuous browsing per MB is switched off.
  • When outside the EU/EEA, different call rates apply.

Additional services

  • Extra data sim (an additional sim card that shares the primary subscription's data plan, see more information on this service under "Extra data sim").
  • Extra data if you run out of monthly allowance (if you need to buy an additional data plan more than once, increase the regular allowance of your subscription instead).
  • Cancellation of the roaming block.
  • Softphone (software on your PC/Mac that gives you access to an exchange connection on your computer).

Fixed telephony

The fixed telephony service is an extension within Karolinska Institutet's switchboard system with a stationary telephone. The service offers a telephony solution with an extension number, switchboard and calls at a fixed price. Suitable for organisations that need a stationary phone, such as labs and receptions. 

What is included in a subscription/extension? 

  • Extension 08-524 8xx xx .
  • Free calls within Sweden and from Sweden abroad.
  • Voicemail with notification by email or SMS.
  • Referral via an app.
  • Switchboard operator.
  • Loan of a standard telephone during the subscription period.

Additional services 

Possibility to call abroad. The institution's telephony manager orders the service from the Helpdesk. 

Mobile broadband

With mobile broadband, you can connect to the network anywhere there is mobile coverage. This is suitable for employees who need to connect to the web frequently outside Karolinska Institutet's campus.


A subscription with a SIM card and associated mobile phone number.

Important to know

By default, all subscriptions are open for roaming.

For use on a computer, the computer must have a slot for a SIM card - if not, a USB-dongle hot-spots can be used. You can find recommended products in Wisum.

Additional services

  • M2M applications can be set up to a fixed IP address at no extra cost.

Extra data sim-cards

The additional data SIM service means an extra SIM card to a primary subscription. You can add an extra data sim to mobile extensions. This is suitable for employees and affiliates who need to be able to surf from multiple devices.


An additional SIM card that uses the shared data plan of the primary subscription.

Teleconferencing in TouchPoint Plus

If you need to conduct conference calls by phone instead of other recommended E-meetings, you can set up a conference call directly in the Telia Touchpoint Plus app, which all employees with a phone connection can access. 

User guide for conference calls (in Swedish)

Services for groups and functions

These services are available for groups and functions that need, for example, to allow multiple users to answer incoming calls on a shared number or manage queues.

Answer group - simple and advanced

Simple and Advanced Answer Group handles incoming calls on a call number and distributes them to logged-in agents. It is suitable for groups with one contact number that several people can answer. The service is managed in the Touchpoint Plus app.

Additional services

Supervisor function to can log in and out agents, extract statistics, and more.

Group number

An entry number in the switchboard that several people with different phones can answer.

Virtual extension

An extension that does not have a physical telephone but only a number. Virtual extensions are used for specialised solutions such as call lists and call forwarding numbers.

Contact centre

Contact center allows members connect calls to employees who are logged into the service during business hours.

A contact center suits institutions, departments or groups at Karolinska Institutet that need a specific number where several people (agents) can answer at the same time. Contact center is currently used by Helpdesk and KIB.

The service includes setting up entry numbers, configuration and authorizations for agents and a range of customized features as needed such as:

contact center client and app, option to send SMS and e-mail via client, response templates, listening in, voice message (welcome message, queue message, etc.), timed menu selections, control and identification of calls, callback.

Additional services

Integration with customer relationship management systems, email, chat, video, and more.

Ordering and questions

Order the service by creating a case on KI IT Selfservice.

Mobile app

There is an app available for those who work with ACE contact centre called ACE to go. You can read Telia's introduction and take part of a webinar for a good introduction to the functions of the app:

Get started with ACE to go

ACE to go webinar

The very first time you log in, you need an "identifier" that is unique to our organisation. Type in: karolinska.

Patient queue system

An advanced contact centre system that handles incoming phone calls, schedules, voice messages, callbacks and more.

This service is suitable for functions with patient activities that need an advanced telephone system that distributes calls between different agents and has features such as time-controlled callback.

Other communication services

SMS service

The SMS Connect service allows you to send text messages to one or more recipients. Suitable for employees who want to send text messages to larger groups within or outside KI, such as study participants. 

Support: SMS Teknik

Open on workdays 08:00-17:00.
E-mail: info@smsteknik.se
Phone: 0524-103 50

Enroute: The message has been sent from us to the carrier as, accepted by the carrier and is about to be sent to the recipient.

Delivered: The message has been received by the recipient's device.

Expired: The time limit (TTL) for the message has expired, the message has not reached the recipient. This may be because the recipient's mobile has been switched off, out of coverage or if the recipient has been abroad while roaming has been disabled.

Deleted: The message has been sent to the operator, but then deleted from the outgoing queue before it has been delivered to the recipient. The recipient has therefore not received the message. This can be due to several reasons, such as that the subscription has been switched off, limitations in the subscription and/or errors with the operator.

Undeliverable: About the same as Expired, although this can be given before the time limit (TTL) has expired. Can depend on incorrect receiver unit, or restrictions in the subscription such as roaming etc.

Accepted: Same as Enroute, but usually given only shortly after it is sent.

Invalid: The number is incorrect in some way, or there are restrictions in the subscription.

Rejected: Limitations in the subscription and/or the recipient's device. May also be due to too many messages being sent within a certain time period or other restrictions set by the operator.

Unknown: Set by SMS Teknik when the status has not arrived after the TTL has passed.

Ordering and prices

Fax service

The fax service allows you to send and receive faxes via email as a pdf or tif attachment. Some partners around the world still use faxes to send documents.


  • You send and receive faxes by email (attachment as pdf or tif).
  • The service converts your outgoing email content and attachments into a fax.
  • A fax number. You can also link an existing fax number to the service.
  • Encryption through TLS to send personal data and sensitive content.


M2M stands for Machine to Machine and refers to machine-to-machine communication. It is a technology that enables wired and wireless communication between technical equipment. Available with and without browsing.

020 number

A 020 number is a free-to-call number that can be linked to an existing number.

Important to know about the service

  • The number cannot be reached from abroad.
  • The holder of the number pays the cost of the call.
  • The cost is determined by the number to which the 020 number is connected; for example, there are additional costs for international calls if the receiving number is an international phone number.
  • The 020-number can be connected to any recipient; it does not need to be an extension within KI.

Ordering and price list

Turn to your telephony administrator who will assist with ordering telephony services.

A current price list can be found here.

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