KI Karyon clients – your standard computer at KI

Karyon is the quality and environmentally certified standard computer at Karolinska Institutet. With the standard computer, you can quickly and efficiently carry out daily work with access to central IT services such as storage and e-mail. The service is based on ITA-approved and certified PC-models from HP and a number of Mac-models.

Briefly about KI Karyon & Karyon Mac

  • The service focuses on the environment, sustainability and safety.
  • The service involves less administration for employees at institutions.
  • The service supports the maintenance of joint and transparent procedures and regulations for how a computer is ordered, used and discarded.
  • The service delivers a secure, stable and cost-efficient IT environment via automation and standardization.

Who is the service for?

  • The service is aimed at employees and affiliates at KI who are part of the Coordinated IT.
  • The user gains access to the service by logging in with KI ID on a client network against KI's central domain.

Included in the service

Karyon is managed from central platforms, which give access to the following:

  • Automated installation for certified Windows and Mac computer models.
  • Access to central application libraries via self-service portals.
  • Access to central Microsoft365 services (Outlook, Teams, Planner, etc.).
  • Access to central and cloud-based storage areas. The user is responsible for saving documents and data in the storage areas recommended by the IT Office to which the service provides access.
  • Ongoing backup of local data stored on desktop and document directory (OneDrive).
  • Central management of disk encryption; the date is protected in case of a lost computer.
  • Central management of OS updates, security updates and antivirus.
  • Remote work is allowed via the VPN solution provided by ITA.
  • Support (incl. remote support) is obtained from ITA.
  • Hardware and application inventory.
  • The hardware warranty on a standard computer is generally three years.


For error reporting and support, you create a helpdesk ticket at KI Self Service. Often, troubleshooting can be conducted via remote control in the Teamviewer application, so you quickly get help with your problem.

  • Reinstallation/troubleshooting in case of operating system problems.
  • Troubleshooting hardware.
  • Troubleshooting/help with connections to other services.
  • Advice on the purchase of computers/peripheral equipment.
  • In case of hardware problems, a loan computer is offered while the regular computer is repaired.

Order – rental computer or purchase

The range of the service's approved standard computer models can be ordered as a rental computer through Wisum.

ITA recommends all orders as rental computers, which provide both environmental and financial benefits.

Read more about the advantages of rental computers here.

The same models can also be obtained through traditional purchases. These are ordered in Wisum.

User Guides | KI Self Service

See guides and material at KI Self Service to see how to install applications on each platform, and more:

I have a cracked screen or other assurance issue; what should I do?

Contact the manufacturer; contact details can be found in Wisum (section "Garantier").

How do I apply for packaging for an application?

You fill out an order form for applications you cannot find in the Software Center. Forward the filled form to Helpdesk by creating a ticket and attaching the document.

I'm going to hand in my computer for reinstallation. Do I need to save my files externally?

All files under "Documents" (PC) and desktop are synchronized to OneDrive and therefore do not need to be saved. However, files in other local folders will disappear.

Where can I find the VPN client?

Read more about KI's VPN solution here.

How do I access Appcenter?

To use Appcenter, you need to be on KI's network either physically or via VPN. 

Manuals for Appcenter

I can't find the app in Appcenter, what do I do?

You do not have permission and therefore do not see the icon. Contact Helpdesk for assistance.

Why do I have to download the programs again from the Software Center after a reinstallation? Can't they download automatically?

No, during a reinstallation, you need to go into the Software Center and install the applications again. However, you don't need to request anything; previously approved licenses remain and can be installed directly.

What do I need to consider before returning an old computer?

Save all files that are saved outside your desktop location or "Documents".


If you have any questions, please get in touch with Helpdesk.