Microsoft Azure - cloud platform with a wide range of options

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based platform that offers a variety of services such as data storage, virtual machines, databases, generative AI and machine learning.

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Microsoft Azure. Foto: Microsoft

The range is wide, the services are very flexible, and they are available within minutes of being ordered through the Azure self-service portal or APIs. You only pay for the time that the ordered resources are allocated. The services are well documented and there is a wide range of training courses available.

To get started, you order a so-called landing zone via KI Self Service. The landing zone is then used to create the desired resources on the Azure portal, which you log into with your KI account. In connection with the order, you enter the project number that will be charged monthly for the costs incurred through the landing zone.

Azure compared to the Virtual Server IaaS service

The table below compares the Azure Cloud Virtual Machine service with the Virtual Server IaaS service that can be ordered from the IT Office.

Azure and IaaS
Virtual computers in Azure Virtual server IaaS
Location In Microsoft data centres within EU In KI's data centres on campus Solna and campus Flemingsberg
Price model Variable cost. Calculated per second of allocated resources Fixed monthly cost
Change capacity Self-serviced in the Azure portal Order via KI Self Service

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More about Azure landing zones 

Types of landing zones 

When ordering a landing zone, there are three types to choose from:

  • Corp: can only be accessed on the KI network.
  • Online: can be opened to the internet. 
  • Sandbox: for tests and evaluations. 

For security reasons, it is recommended to choose Corp in the first place and only use Online for just those resources that need to be accessible over the internet. Sandbox is governed by less restrictive rules and should therefore only be used for testing and exploratory work. 

Geographical regions 

A landing zone is limited to a geographical region. Currently, the following options are available when ordering a landing zone:

  • Sweden Central - Gävle
  • West Europe - Netherlands
  • North Europe - Ireland

The recommendation is to use Sweden Central in the first instance, unless the desired service is not available. For up-to-date information on which services are available in the regions mentioned, please see this page at Microsoft

Owner and technical contact person

When you order a landing zone, you specify the owner and the technical contact person. The owner is responsible for the costs and the technical contact person may be contacted in case of technical problems or questions. 

Other members of the team

The owner and the technical contact person can themselves add and remove people who, with their KI accounts, should be able to work with the landing zone via the Azure portal. A person can be assigned one of the following roles:

  • Contributer - can create and delete resources in the landing zone.
  • Reader - can view but not modify the resources in the landing zone. 

Costs and budget

When ordering, you specify the project number to be charged for the resources consumed in the landing zone and the charge is made monthly. You also enter a budget in SEK per month. Alerts are sent by email to the owner and the technical contact person when the total costs approach the set budget (when 85% and 100% of the budget is used).

It is important to act on these alerts, as there are no technical restrictions against exceeding the budget.

In the Azure portal, you can access dashboards to track costs in detail. There is also a pricing calculator that can be used to estimate the expected costs.

Contact and questions

If you have any questions about Azure, or have an interest in ordering a landing zone, contact the IT Office through KI Self Service, and we will get back to you for an initial meeting where needs and possibilities can be discussed in detail.

After this meeting, you can place a formal order for your new Azure Landing Zone through this form.

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