Order computers and accessories

On this page you will find information and links to order the computers and client services KI offers. You purchase all types of accessories, mobile phones and other technical equipment directly from the supplier via Wisum.

Ordering computers

When ordering a computer, you choose between KI's selected models with the Karyon client platform or virtual clients, and you need to actively consider these three options:

Rental computer or a traditional purchase?

The same computer models are available to choose from for both rental and standard purchases. The recommendation is to always select the rental computer; it is both the most economically and environmentally sustainable as it guarantees the reuse and use of components after three years when the computer is replaced through the Lifecycle Management service from the IT Office.

Order rental computers here
More about rental computers and the Life cycle management service

Pc or Mac?

You can choose between a number of certified models with varying performance and pricing, all approved and quality assured by the IT Office. The Pc computers are manufactured by HP.

Purchase of computers in Wisum
More about the Karyon / Karyon Mac client platform

VDI Workstation - a suitable option?

A fully virtual solution for you with needs not met by a standard, physical client - for example if you carry out extensive calculations that require high computing power or a more closed environment.

VDI is also suitable for those who need to access KI's IT environment occasionally, but not so often that it justifies the purchase of a physical client.

Read more about VDI and order

Differences between a VDI and standard client

Ordering accessories and equipment: Wisum

You can order phones, computer accessories and other IT products in the Wisum shopping portal. Wisum is only available in Swedish, so to see the page in other languages, use Google Chrome as a browser, right-click on the respective page and select "translate".

To the Wisum purchasing portal
FAQ - Wisum


To access the purchasing portal, you must log in with your KI login (same details as your e-mail account).

You can order goods if you have a ZZ code (invoice reference). However, if you do not have a ZZ code, you can assemble a shopping basket and send it to the colleague responsible for purchases at your department, who can approve the order (user with ZZ code). Ask your nearest manager who this would be for you, if unsure.

For departments outside Coordinated IT

If you work at a department outside of Coordinated IT, you order computers in Wisum. Turn to your local IT support with questions regarding purchasing of computers. 

Right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal (open purchase) only applies to private individuals, not when making purchases as an employee.

Return handling hardware

Things to keep in mind when returning incorrect orders:

  • The product must be completely unused and returned in undamaged original packaging.
  • The product is returned to the supplier with shipping paid by the end customer.
  • The supplier charges a return fee.

Are you looking to order software?

Read more on Order software license.

More information for logged in staff

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