How to book internal meeting rooms in Outlook

There are two types of rooms; rooms managed centrally by the Property and Facilities Office, such as teaching rooms and group rooms, and internal meeting rooms for which are handled by the departments. Information on this page applies to the internal meeting rooms, which can be booked Outlook.

Information about the rooms that are managed centrally can be found on the page Book premises as employee.

Who can book which rooms?

By default, all meeting rooms in Outlook can be booked by internal users at KI. Therefore, when booking a room, you need to ensure that you have access to the room with your KI key card.

You can see if the room is occupied or vacant, and who has booked the room, but no more details. Book the room by using the scheduling assistant or the room finder. It is not possible to double click the room’s calendar to book a meeting.

Room Lists

All rooms are included in one or more room lists. The lists are broken down by department. The person who is registered as the owner of the list in the system (often the department’s head of administration) can request changes about which rooms should be included in the list. If so, contact Helpdesk.

How to book rooms in Outlook

A room has its own calendar, which can be viewed in a meeting request much like an individual’s calendar.

When a request for a room is accepted, an event is added to the room’s calendar.

Scheduling a room

See guide on KI Self Service

There are two ways to schedule a room for your meeting as described below. Once a room is added, it will appear in both the “To:” and “Location:” fields of the invitation.

Option 1

  1. Open a new meeting request.
  2. Click on Plats (Venue) beneath the date selection.
  3. Allocate a meeting room.
  4. The room will appear both as a recipient Till (To) and as a venue Plats (Venue).

Option 2

  1. On the Meeting tab, select Schemaläggningsassistenten (Scheduling assistant) / Scheduling. The Scheduling Assistant helps find the best time for your meeting.
  2. Add attendees by selecting the persons you would like to invite to the meeting.
  3. Click on the button Lägg till rum (Add a room) and select a room from the list.
  4. Fill in any other relevant information for the meeting (start and end time, etc.) and click Skicka (Send).

How to book a room if you do not use Outlook as your mail client

  1. Access your email calendar via the web.
  2. Click on New event.
  3. Select the Scheduling Assistant tab.
  4. Click Select rooms, choose Add all Recent rooms or More.
  5. Once you have selected a room, double-click on the room or mark-room and then click on Rooms. You will now find the selected room in the field for key rooms. Click OK when finished.
  6. Make necessary alterations (for instance Start and End dates and time) and try to find a time that suits.
  7. Once your booking is complete, click Send.
  8. After you click Send the event is saved in the calendar. Click Send Update if you later change anything in the event.

How to cancel or change a meeting

Instructions for how to cancel or change a meeting in Outlook, at Microsoft.

How to use the digital screens

In some premises, such as ANA Futura, Biomedicum and Neo, rooms can be booked via digital screens outside the meeting room.

Set up Outlook-booking for new rooms

Contact Helpdesk to order Outlook booking for a new meeting room:

• Owner of the room.
• Room name.
• Automatic handling is standard, specify in case you want manual handling of the room (specify person to manually accept or decline all booking requests to the room).
• One or more room lists to which the room should belong (ie the department).

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