Book premises as employee

Here you will find information on how you as an employee can book premises at Karolinska Institutet.

Capacity of the exam rooms with current restrictions:

Avoid having exams in the Lecture Halls on Campus as they are not adapted for exams.

Property and Facilities Office 2021-01-13

Clarification regarding the occupancy in our bookable premises.

Maximum 30% occupancy of the places in lecture halls, classrooms and study rooms regardless of activity. The examination halls are adapted according to the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations and can be filled according to the fact box below.

Property and Facilities Office 2020-12-16

Book lecture hall

To book a lecture hall, meeting room or a study room , you need the username and password that you receive from your administrative manager at your institution.

Book premises in TimeEdit

The online booking for spring term -21 will be closed for the time being for both internal and external bookings. During the current circumstances, not all bookings for VT-21 have been able to be distributed and we are awaiting further directives.

If you place a booking the same day or later than 3 pm the day before intended use you will need to contact AV-Support, 86413 for Solna and 87775 for Huddinge, and verify the booking so that access to the room can be arranged with.

You also need to contact AV-Support if you decide to leave the room before the end time of the booking so that the doors to the room can be locked again, in order to minimize the risk of theft.

When booking a lecture hall, meeting room or a group room, the booked time should include the time it takes for all participants to enter and leave the room as well as putting everything in the rom back in order.

If you make a booking for several hours at a stretch it is not allowed to make a break in the booking for less than one hour.

Please note that we debit full-time price if you cancel your booking later than 14 days before the booked time.

Book internal meeting rooms in Outlook

There are two types of rooms; rooms managed centrally by the Property and Facilities Office, such as teaching rooms and group rooms, and internal meeting rooms for which are handled by the departments.

How to book meeting rooms in Outlook.

Book study rooms as a student

Campus Solna: every day 7.00 – 22.00 , max 21 hours per week and one week in advance.
Campus Flemingsberg: mon-fri 07.00 – 22.00, sat-sun 11.00 – 17.00, max 21 hours per week and one week in advance.

You can book as follows:

1. Boka grupprum
2. If you are logged in to your computer, you do not need to log in, otherwise click on swamid and your KI ID
3. If you want to book a specific venue, enter it under local, then it will come up with a schedule. Click on the day or time available. Enter the time you want to book the room with name and phone number. and click on "BOOK"
4. Alternatively, click on the location and time that appears available and enter the time you want to book but your name and phone number and "Book" Click Submit Confirmation.
5. If you want to cancel, search for the reservation under "My Reservations" click on your reservation and change / cancel and save.

Rules in and around classrooms and group rooms

In recent years, KI has invested heavily in improving and equipping formal and informal spaces for our students. We have thus created good environments for students to meet and interact, group work and self-study. We are proud of this and strive to keep them in good condition and updated with new technologies. In order to maintain this beautiful environment, the following rules apply.

Price list

The price list can be found under "Documents" at the bottom of the page


AV-support Flemingsberg

Support on technical equipment in KI's bookable premises

Av-Support Solna

Support on technical equipment in KI's bookable premises


More information for logged in staff

There is more information for those of you working in the following groups

  • C8.Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics
  • K7.Department of Oncology-Pathology
  • K9.Department of Global Public Health
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