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Here you will find information on how you as an employee can book premises at Karolinska Institutet.



Do to the power outage at Femingsberg campus on the weekend of February 25&26, which knocked out the technology in 6 of our large lecture halls, fallow here important information:

Currently, we do not know how long it will take to receive the components that have been ordered.

We also try to find premises at the Karolinska Hospital Flemingsberg for those occasions when our premises are not sufficient.

Affected premises are:

Ana 23 - H1, H3

Thank you for your understanding regarding this situation.

Pre-ordering, scheduling and booking of premises VT-23

From VT-23, fixed slot times apply for booking lectures and exams at KI (see decision below). Cost applies to booked time within the Slot times


Slot times lecture

Morning: 08:00-12:00 (booking time 07:45-12:15)

Afternoon: 12:30-16:00 (booking time 12:15-16:15)

Evening: 16:30-21:00 (booking time 16:15-21:15)

Weekend: Full day

More info at:


Slot times/start times examination

Morning: 08:15-13:15 (5h)

Afternoon: 14:15-18:15 (4h)

Evening: 19:15-22:15 (3h)

Weekend morning: 08:15-12:15 (4h)

Weekend afternoon: 13:15-17:15 (4h)

More info at:


The examination halls at KI

The examination halls at KI will be managed by the new organization "Tentamensservice", which is under the Department for Education and Research Support (UFS). The central Exam service project is under construction and includes only the writing rooms on Campus Solna and Campus Flemingsberg.

Booking the examination halls for HT-22 must be handled as a pre-order in TimeEdit Core and the distribution then takes place centrally. The central handling applies to both new bookings and changes to existing bookings in the examination halls.

In August, all exam bookings are transferred to the TimeEdit module TE-Exam for further handling within the central exam service.

More information about TE-Exam will come in the autumn.

More info can be found here:


Premises changes

Room 216 in building 75, will expire from 16 of January 2023

Space has been converted into an examination room for students with disabilities (10 seats), to book a computer lab room we refer to Enter, Ada Lovelace, Grace Hopper and Hanna.

ANA 23 Level 5 is temporarily suspended, the hall is being investigated for rebuilding. For booking of computer lab rooms, use Ursula and Urban on the 3rd floor.

KI leaves the bulding 95:48 (Wallenberglab) and Lecture Hall CMB. The lecture hall is removed from the booking system from 1 October 2022.

Computers in lecture halls at Widerströmska huset has been removed. As they are out of date and can no longer be updated, they have been permanently removed.

Temporary lecture hall Daggkåpan (former lecture hall Pharmacology) with 70 seats at address Nanna Svartz väg 2. The room temporarily replaces 311 and 214 due to water damage.


Booking periods for 2023

Spring semester 2023

The pre booking period for Spring 2023 is January 16 - August 27 2023.

Deadline for pre bookings is October 23 at 18.00.

October 24 at 18.00 - December 7 at 12.00 the work of distributing premises for the education is in progress.

December 7 at 12.00 Core opens and everyone can change their schedule entries. You can also start to pre book premises for the next semester (Automn-23)

The online booking opens on December 7 at 12.00 for booking of Spring-23 (Januari 16- August 27).


Autumn semester 2023

The pre booking period for Autumn 2023 is August 28  - January 14 - 2024.

The deadline for pre bookings is April 23 at 18.00.

April 23 at 18.00 - June 7 at 12.00 the work of distributing premises for the education is in progress.

June 7 at 12.00 Core opens and then everyone in Core can change their schedule entries. You can also start to pre book premises for the next semester (Spring 2024).

The online booking opens at 12.00 on June 8 for bookings for the Autumn semester 2023 (28 August - 14 January)

Lecture hall Gene with 50 seats in the NEO building at campus Flemingsberg
Lecture hall Gene Photo: Felix Mollberger

Book premises

The online booking is open until August 28. Bookings for the autumn semester 2022 can be made from June 8 at 12.00, after the distribution of premises for the education is completed. Conference rooms in Solna as well as conference rooms and premises in Flemingsberg with less than 43 seats can be booked all year round.

To book a room, your KI-ID needs to be registered in the system and this is currently done manually. Fill in the application form (see below under documents "Ansökan TimeEdit Webbokning") and get it approved by the manager and after that returned to Then go to TimeEdit's web booking so that your ID can be registered and administrators can add the right permissions to your user ID. You will receive an email when this is done and you can start making bookings.

Regarding the premises:

If you place a booking the same day or later than 3 pm the day before intended use you will need to contact AV-Support, 86413 for Solna and 87775 for Huddinge, and verify the booking so that access to the room can be arranged with.

You also need to contact AV-Support if you decide to leave the room before the end time of the booking so that the doors to the room can be locked again, in order to minimize the risk of theft.

When booking a lecture hall, meeting room or a group room, the booked time should include the time it takes for all participants to enter and leave the room as well as putting everything in the rom back in order.

If you make a booking for several hours at a stretch it is not allowed to make a break in the booking for less than one hour.

Please note that we debit full-time price if you cancel your booking later than 14 days before the booked time.

Book internal meeting rooms in Outlook

There are two types of rooms; rooms managed centrally by the Property and Facilities Office, such as teaching rooms and group rooms, and internal meeting rooms for which are handled by the departments.

How to book meeting rooms in Outlook.

Rules in and around classrooms and group rooms

In recent years, KI has invested heavily in improving and equipping formal and informal spaces for our students. We have thus created good environments for students to meet and interact, group work and self-study. We are proud of this and strive to keep them in good condition and updated with new technologies. In order to maintain this beautiful environment, the following rules apply.

Price list

The price list can be found under "Documents" at the bottom of the page


AV-support Flemingsberg

Support on technical equipment in KI's bookable premises

Av-Support Solna

Support on technical equipment in KI's bookable premises


More information for logged in staff

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  • All KI staff
  • C3.Department of Physiology and Pharmacology
  • C8.Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics
  • K7.Department of Oncology-Pathology
  • K9.Department of Global Public Health
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