Office 365 for staff

Office 365 contains many tools which may be accessed through the Office 365 web portal. For instance, you can use online versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, or collaborate with your colleagues through Teams.

Log in to Office 365

By logging into the portal, you can access all these tools through your browser.

Log in to Office 365

You may log in to Office 365 by entering the address in your browser.

The system will lead you through the log in process, which you start by entering your email address.

In the next step you have to sign in with two-step verification through the Microsoft Authenticator app. 

How to activate two-step verification via app

How should I use Office 365?

Office 365 contains a comprehensive set of cloud-based tools which may be used freely in your daily work. You are encouraged to explore the tools on your own to find the solutions which fit you and your needs best.

What is the difference between Office 365 and the regular Office package?

The classical Office-programs are installed on your computer, which gives you access to Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

With Office 365 you also gain access to online versions of the applications, apps for iOS and Android and several new tools which gives you more flexibility in your choice of work tools.

Which tools do I get with Office 365?

The Office 365 portal contains a lot of built-in help which shows the various tools and what they do.

The best way to get started is to simply give it a go. Maybe you will find something new which suits your needs? The only requirement is that you log into the portal through your browser.

Short descriptions of the more common tools are found below.

Office 365 e-learning courses available via Teams

Office 365 e-learning courses available via Teams

In Microsoft Teams you can easily access Microsoft's various e-learning courses for Office 365 through the Learning Pathways application. In Learning Pathways, you can find video guides in English for OneDrive, Teams, as well as other Office 365 programs. You can also join groups to learn from others.

If Learning Pathways is not visible in Teams in your navigation under "Files", search for the application. Click on the three dots, "More added apps " and add Learning Pathways or click on the "Apps" icon and search for the app there.


It is easy to access your email, calendar and contacts from any of your devices by using Outlook in Office 365. The online version of Outlook works pretty much the same as if you had Outlook installed on your computer. You will feel right at home when you get started.

Microsoft's Outlook help center


OneDrive is your personal storage area in Office 365. If you have a KI-computer with Windows 10 your personal document folders will automatically connect to OneDrive, which means that any documents you store there will also be stored in the cloud where you can easily access them from your other devices. You can also share files with others outside of KI. OneDrive offers 5TB storage for employees and affiliated.

Microsoft's OneDrive help center


OneNote is a digital notebook which gives you many new ways to manage your notes.

OneNote ensures that notes from different devices are saved in the same location, which gives you the freedom to choose which device works best for you depending on the situation. If you use a pen with your tablet device you can take handwritten notes, or use OneNote to draw.

If you have taken meeting notes it is also easy to share your meeting notes with the other participants

Microsoft's OneNote help center


Teams is a collaboration tools which makes it possible to work with a group of other people on, for instance, a project. You can invite both external and internal members.

As a team member, you can communicate directly with the other members through chat, call or video, collaborate on documents in the common document library and connect other Office 365-tools which may be useful for the purpose of the team.

Microsoft's Teams help center

Teams quick guide at Microsoft


Planner is a simple activity planning tool which can be used to manage tasks which have to be performed as part of a project. Planner works very well together with Teams where you can assign tasks to team members and document any discussions and progress in one place.

Planner quick guide at Microsoft


Delve is a powerful search tool which helps you find information in documents you have access to.

Delve also manages your profile and the information presented about you. You should update your profile to assist your colleagues with relevant information about who you are and what you do.

The start page in Delve presents documents you and your closest colleagues have worked on lately.

Delve quick guide at Microsoft