About the WISE network

Empowering women – Ensuring excellence 

KI’s Strategy 2030 states that KI “must strive to secure equal conditions and career paths for all employees”. One of the investments to strengthen KI as a pioneering research university is to consolidate qualification opportunities for women. In that spirit, KI has launched a network for female teachers and researchers: Women in Science and Education at KI, WISE-KI. WISE is open to all junior and senior scientists and teachers at KI who identify as women. 

Network mission: Meaningful exchange for excellence 

The WISE network will bring together KI’s female academics on career-related issues that matter for their ability to reach the highest level of academic achievement, and thereby ensure a higher level of excellence in science and education at KI and beyond. 

The network will reflect the multifaceted profile of female teachers and researchers at KI and will offer opportunities for meaningful knowledge exchange to nourish career aspirations.  

Implementation: Resourceful, inspiring and stimulating events

The WISE network will be dynamic and solution oriented; it organizes events where career achievement and best practice are at the forefront. This is achieved by offering access to female role models in academia, by creating discussion forums that highlight and resolve career challenges, as well as by providing industry insight. 


At the moment, WISE offers two types of events:

WISE pro (WISE professor of the month) - meet inspiring female role models at KI!

A webinar series where newly elected KI professors share their career experience. This takes place on Zoom, one Monday a month, 12:15 to 12:45. No registration needed.

WISE forum -wise up on key career issues that female academics face!

At WISE forums, experts and key decision makers from KI and beyond get together to share best practice and resolve issues around a common theme. Forums are held physically in the afternoon at KI campus, once or twice a term. Attendance is free of charge but registration may be needed.


WISE is led by the academic leaders Lucie Laflamme, Pauliina Damdimopoulou and Caroline Dahl. Together they will build network competence, promote exchange and share resources.

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Klara Regnö

Equality strategist

Steering group

  • Christian Giske, Chair
  • Ewa Ehrenborg
  • Catarina Almqvist Malmros
  • Rachel Fisher
  • Helena Karlström
  • Camilla Svensson
  • Alexandra Wennberg