WISE: Local initiatives and communities

KI has several local initiatives, communities and networks to support women’s careers. Reach out to them if you want to join. If you would like to see your network or event series featured below, let us know!

Women Networks

We are a small, informal community, mainly early (2+ years postdoc) to mid-career female researchers, at the Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics. We organise events twice a semester including invited speakers, workshops, book clubs and social lunches.

Contact us for more information:

The Widerströmska Equal Rights Network (WERN) works to promote equality and tackle discrimination on all discrimination grounds throughout different Departments at KI.

At the moment, the WERN is constituted by the equal treatment representatives at the following KI departments:

The WERN regularly organises seminars in the topic of equality in academia and society at large and participates in equality-related events at the KI-level.

Onkpat Ladies started in April 2020 with the aim to strengthen and highlight women at the Department of Oncology-Pathology who conduct independent research as PI’s or research group/team leaders and/or are heading a core facility.

We organize meetings including invited speakers providing information about how to pursue a career as a researcher. Such presentations include for example:

  • how others pursued their careers
  • how to apply for research grants, ethical permissions
  • how to become a docent etc, all with the aim to provide peer support in career choices. 

Once a year, we have summer dinner in order to strengthen our network.  

Open Workshop Series: Docent Application & Qualification Portfolio

  • Aim: to work on the Docent application and Qualification portfolio. All genders are welcome.  
  • When: Below are the dates and assignments/part of the Qualification portfolio /that we will work on during each workshop, 2 hours per week.
  • Where: CMM L8:00, “ Den Glada Restaurangen” (open part), Visionsgatan 18, 171 64 Solna
  • Contact person: Virginija D.Karrenbauer
  • Microsoft Teams link: Click here to join the meeting
Docent Application and Qualification Portfolio
Date and time Task to do Task to do
Docent Application (Word document) Part of the Qualifications portfolio (Word document)
27 April 15.00-17.00 Yes CV
4 May 15.00-17.00 Scientific portfolio
10 May 16.00-18.00 Teaching portfolio
17 May 15.00-17.00 Clinical portfolio/ leadership, development, and collaboration portfolio