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Attend our WISE Pro webinars with female professors who share their career experience. At WISE forums, experts and key decision makers from KI and beyond get together to share best practice and resolve issues around a common theme.

Upcoming WISE events 2024

Join us for a career event where KI’s top management representatives will discuss career progression for WISE and reflect on effective processes and strategies.

Recorded webinars

WISE talk & mingle with:

2023-09-01 Ewa Ehrenborg: Empowering Researchers - Unleashing the Pedagogical Potential

WISE Pro with:

2024-06-03 Kamila Czene

2023-11-28 Nagihan Bostanci

2023-05-23 Annika Östman Wernerson

2023-02-21 Kristina Gemzell Danielsson

2023-02-02 Elisabet Stener-Victorin

2022-12-12 Eleni Aklillu

2022-12-05 Maria Eriksson

2022-10-03 Anna Mia Ekström

2022-05-23 Kristina Haugaa

2022-03-28 Fang Fang

Previous events

WISE organised a 24-h career retreat to level up your academic career:

  • Learn about the structure of the academic career ladder and recruitment process at KI
  • Get hands-on training by a presentation coach to create the perfect pitch for your research
  • Hotel and meals are included

Retreat programme (pdf)

WISE career retreat 30-31 March 2023. Photo: Caroline Dahl.