Dress code in the ANA Futura lunchroom

In the heart of ANA Futura lies our common lunch room where we gather for lunch and networking. Please read about the dress code that has been established for the lunch room.

Photo of clinician, researcher and administrative staff in the lunchroom in ANA Futura

Dress code for the ANA Futura lunch room

Clinic and lab coats are used in different ways and it has been unclear when each coat is considered clean and may be used.

  • White clinic coats (eg Dentmed´s clinician staff) may only be used together with a profession badge (the badge indicates that the coat is clean).

  • Lab coats cannot be used in the lunchroom. Lab coats should be left in designated places at each lab after finished work.

  • Clothes used underneith lab coats (ie private clothing or white lab trousers and tunic/blouse) may be used.


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