Process for signatures by Head of Department at Labmed

Process for digital and manual signatures by the Head of Department at the Department of Laboratory Medicine (Labmed).

General process for signatures by Head of Department

  • All digital signatures must be sent directly in Edusign. Do not send emails with pdf attachments. See instructions below how to send via Edusign.
  • Manual signatures: send the document to the Department administrator with a copy to the Head of Department or put in the Head of Department mailbox on the floor 8.
    (For research collaboration agreements, see details regarding signatures further below.)

Please note! Manual and digital signatures must not be mixed. Choose one or the other.

Signatures in research collaborations

Documents must be correctly titled according to the following definition:

Avtal/Agreement = collaboration/assignment with a party outside the state.
Överenskommelse = collaborations within KI and with other government agencies.


  1. Research group leaders are responsible for deciding whether an agreement needs legal review.
  2. For legal review or advice, send an e-mail to
  3. If a legal review is needed, complete the document in its final version after the review (ie clear comments and changes).
  4. All agreements must be approved by the Head of Division before signature from the Head of Department.
  5. In the case of manual signature, hand over the agreement to the Head of Department support who will make sure the Head of Department signs.
  6. In the case of a digital signature, send via EduSign; first to the Head of Division and then to the Head of the Department. See instructions further down.

Signature from Head of Department in conjunction with the University Director

In KI:s delegation (only in Swedish) there is information on the conditions under which the Head of Department signs himself or in conjunction with the University Director.

- Swedish grant agreements up to SEK 500,000 may be signed by the Head of Department himself if the agreement period is a maximum of 3 years.

Agreement on commissioned research

Commissioned research is when KI carries out research on behalf of another party.

Instruction how to sign and get a signature in EduSign

Signature by Head of Department and not sign yourself

See guide: Important! In the box ”add a message to send to all invitees" please add a description of the document and if there is something that the Head of Department need to take into account before he signs. 

Sign yourself first and send to the Head of Department

  1. Upload the document.
  2. Approve and sign with KI-ID and password.
  3. Now you can see the document is signed by yourself.
  4. Click on "Other choices" and "Invite others to sign".

    Note! If the document is an agreement, this must be approved (in EduSign) by the Head of Division before it is sent to the Head of Department. If Head of Division does not need to sign, go to step 5.
  5. Write a message what the document is about and if there is anything in particular the Head of Department needs to take into account before signing the document.
  6. Fill in the name and email address of the Head of Department.
  7. Send the invitation.
  8. Now you can see that it says "waiting for signature by Jonas Fuxe". Wait until it says that it is signed by the attestant.
  9. When the Head of Department has signed, you will receive an email with the signed document as an attachment.
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