CLINTEC:s environmental plan for energy and properties

Carbon dioxide emissions from KI:s energy consumption are 50 percent lower per square metre than in 2019. Energy consumption per square metre is 15 percent lower than in 2019.

CLINTEC Environmental Plan 2021-2024. The focus areas with description of the 2024 targets, connection to Karolinska University Hospital’s (KS) Environmental Plan (EP), examples of activities, persons responsible for these, and how to report to the Work Environment Group are shown.

Energy and properties
Assignment Similar goals in KS’s EP Examples of activities Responsible What can be reported?
Make energy consumption more efficient by, e.g., reviewing the use of fume cupboards, freezers and ventilation Use of operational energy must be reduced Turn off lights, screens and computers at the end of the day All employees Presence-controlled ventilation and lighting in place
Close fume cupboards The heads of divisions support the modernisation of ventilation/lighting
Update to presence-controlled ventilation and lighting Property owners
Switch freezers from -80 to -70
Green Labs Guide presented on the website Green Labs Guide on the website
Choose energy-efficient products when buying electronics Energy-efficient products purchased Everyone who buys electronics Survey of premises with energy-efficient lamps
Switch to energy-efficient lamps. Motion-controlled lamps. Heads of divisions support switch to energy-efficient lamps Purchases with requirements for energy-efficiency
Work to ensure that second-hand furniture is purchased and that used furniture is left for reuse/recycling Solutions for increased reuse of materials (furniture, computers, equipment, transition to reusable materials) KI central website for the exchange of used furniture, equipment and computers
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