CLINTEC:s environmental plan for waste

The total waste per full-time-equivalent generated on KI:s premises has decreased by 10 percent compared to 2019.
Food waste is collected from all kitchenettes on KI:s premises.

CLINTEC Environmental Plan 2021-2024. The focus areas with description of the 2024 targets, connection to Karolinska University Hospital’s (KS) Environmental Plan (EP), examples of activities, persons responsible for these, and how to report to the Work Environment Group are shown.

Assignment Similar goals in KS’s EP Examples of activities Responsible What can be reported?
Facilitate and inform about the opportunities to recycle materials in the organisation - KI central webpage for the exchange of used furniture Website exists
Establish opportunities for recycling of, e.g., metal, plastic, glass and paper in all premises Recycling is organised with help from property management Recycling options are available
Reduced consumption of paper (all public documents are approved in electronic format with EduSign) Administration on all levels (EduSign) All documents are approved in electronic format
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