Collaboration for utilisation at CLINTEC

Climate issues are integral to KI:s collaborations with its most important partner, the healthcare sector. Climate issues are included in all major collaborative projects in which KI participates. KI contributes its expertise in health related to climate change to several broad societal projects. KI plays an important role in the higher education sector’s work on climate issues.

CLINTEC Environmental Plan 2021-2024. The focus areas with description of the 2024 targets, connection to Karolinska University Hospital’s (KS) Environmental Plan (EP), examples of activities, persons responsible for these, and how to report to the Work Environment Group are shown.

Samverkan för nyttiggörande
Assignment Similar goals in KS’s EP Examples of activities Responsible What can be reported?
Work to ensure that climate and sustainable development are integrated parts of collaborative projects. Integrate the sustainability perspective into governing processes, agreements, and decisions. The climate issue is discussed and considered in collaborative projects. Everyone with a role in collaborative projects. Examples of collaborative projects that include climate issues.
Work on the environmental goals with KS. Discussions with hospital representatives to establish similar environmental activities. Work Environment Group, staff with combined employment. Parallel environmental goals with KS
Joint reporting of environmental activities. Joint reporting
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