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About the staff portal

The staff portal is the part of where you find information about your employment at or affiliation to Karolinska Institutet. You will be updated about what is happening at the university as well as finding the information and tools you need for your work. 

To find your way, use the site meny or go to the staff portal's start page. If you log in with your KI ID, you can find additional information based on your organizational affiliation when such information is added to the page you visit.

Employed at the Department of Medicine, Solna

When you become employed at the Department of Medicine, Solna (MedS), you will receive an introduction from your immediate supervisor, but you can also find a lot of useful information on the Karolinska Institutet's Guide for new colleagues at KI and the pages Your Employment here on the staff portal.


You find contact details to the department management and the administration on the department's external web pages.

If you are looking for contact information for a specific person, the easiest way is to use the website's search function.

Our external web 

Research, education and news aimed for a wider audience are presented on Karolinska Institutet's external web, Here you also find the Department of Medicine Solna's external pages.

MedS News - the department's newsletter

MedS News is published four times a year and is an internal newsletter for all employees and affiliated at the Department of Medicine, Solna. The main purpose of the newsletter is to make people and activities more visible to us working at or with MedS. 

All employees and affiliates are welcome to contribute to the newsletter. Contact us by:

Editor: Ann-Sofie Sten
Publisher: Marie Wahren-Herlenius, Head of Department

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