Radiation safety

Work involving ionizing radiation requires permission from the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten, SSM). Karolinska Institutet (KI) holds a general license for all activities concerning ionizing radiation for scientific and educational purposes.

KI’s radiation protection expert provides a local license per research group.


The use of radioactive substances or technical devices capable of generating ionising radiation requires a license from the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority. Karolinska Institute has a collective license for the use of ionising radiation for scientific and educational purposes.

The handling and coordination of all information concerning radiation protection legislation is delegated to an expert in radiation protection with a competence and rights as specified in the Swedish Radiation Protection Institute`s General Advise on Competence of Radiation Protection Experts.

KI radiation protection organization

  • Prefekt has overall responsibility for radiation safety within his/her institution.
  • Prefekt appoints a radiation protection representative (strålskyddssamordnare) for his/her institution, and a radiation protection assistant (strålskyddsbiträde) per licensed research group according to a forthcoming delegation arrangement (however, no formal decision yet).
  • KI's radiation protection expert provides radiation protection support for KI operations within KI's premises.
  • The medical unit Medical Radiation Physics and Nuclear Medicine (Medicinsk Strålningsfysik och Nuklearmedicin) at Karolinska University Hospital (K) provides radiation protection support in radiation safety work for KI operations within K's premises. Examples of support are education in radiation safety, annual inspection and radiation protection optimization.

Radiation Safety Council At Karolinska University Hospital

Within the Radiation Safety Organization of Karolinska University Hospital, there is the Radiation Safety Council with associated committees that monitor activities where ionizing radiation is used for diagnosis or therapy of patients. Committees are available for diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine and radiation therapy. In the X-ray committees, patient safety issues related to MRI diagnostics are also handled. he tasks of the Radiation Safety Council are to:

  • Be the licensee's expert advisory body on radiation safety issues related to patient safety according to applicable radiation safety regulations
  • Advise on questions about new examination methods (treatment methods) and new equipment that deals with patient radiation protection
  • Advise on the application to Swedish Ethical Review Authority

Radiation safety courses

  • New staff must without delay attend KI's introduction webcourse in radiation protection. Invitation link is provided by KI's radiation protection expert. Swedish speaking staff should also take part in K's webcourse in radiation protection, reservation via Lärtorget at lartorget.sll.se.
  • New staff must without delay book KI's classroom course in radiation protection. Three options: open radiation sources in vivo, open radiation sources in vitro and X-ray, reservations via Lärtorget at lartorget.sll.se.
  • New staff must – after completed the courses – book a walkthrough with the radiation protection representative of the fascilities in order to get access to the lab.
  • KI's radiation protection expert can, in consultation with the radiation protection representative, provide courses in radiation protection dedicated to certain operations.
  • Radiation safety training should be repeated at least every 5 years. KI’s radiation protection handbook should be studied yearly.


Licensee KI
Rector Ole Petter Ottersen, rector@ki.se
KI's switchboard operator: 08-524 800 00

Radiation protection issues on KI's premises
Sofia Skyttner, KI's radiation protection expert, 0737-12 15 79, sofia.skyttner@ki.se

Radiation protection issues on K's premises
Cyclotron: Jonathan Siikanen, jonathan.siikanen@sll.se
Dental: Nils Kadesjö, nils.kadesjo@sll.se
X-ray: Albert Sundvall, albert.sundvall@sll.se
Open radioactive sources Huddinge: Ulrika Estenberg, ulrika.estenberg@sll.se
Open radioactive sources Solna: Joachim Nilsson, joachim.nilsson@sll.se
K's switchboard operator: 08-517 700 00


Sofia Skyttner

Security coordinator
UF Central Administration

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