Radiation safety

Work involving ionizing radiation requires permission from the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten, SSM). Karolinska Institutet (KI) holds a general license for all activities concerning ionizing radiation for scientific and educational purposes.

KI’s radiation protection expert provides a local license per research group.

All research groups or core facilities that wish to implement a new method or procedure involving ionizing radiation has to get approval from the radiation protection expert (see Contacts) before startup. Please, use the form Application for research involving radiation (see Documents).

A list of mandatory radiation safety courses will be sent out after application is received. Some courses are booked via Lärtorget (see Links), and it is recommended to follow the Guide for booking a course via Lartorget (see Documents), while others are administered by radiation protection expert.

Once the application is approved, each research group/core facility will have a radiation safety assistant (strålskyddsbiträde). The assistant reports to the radiation safety representative (strålskyddssamordnare) that coordinates the radiation related matters within each department involved with radiation, and reports to the radiation protection expert for the premises in question (see Contacts).

All KI staff working with ionizing radiation is obliged to follow instructions given at mandatory radiation safety courses and annually review local radiation safety guidelines (see Documents). Radiation safety courses should be repeated every 5th year.

There are several mandatory course parts for all KI staff working with ionizing radiation:

  • Part 1: Attend web course “Introduction to Radiation Protection”. Send a request for course invitation to the radiation protection expert.
  • Part 2: Attend introduction at the facilities (isotope and/or X-ray). Send a request to your local radiation safety representative.
  • Part 3 (isotope): Attend the course "Open radioactive sources" by Karolinska University Hospital. Booking request via Lärtorget. To be repeated every 5th year.
  • Part 3 (X-ray): Attend a course for your specific X-ray equipment. Send a request for course invitation to the radiation protection expert. To be repeated every 5th year.


KI Licensee
Principal Ole Petter Ottersen, rektor@ki.se
KI's switchboard operator: 08-524 800 00

Radiation protection issues on KI premises
KI radiation protection expert Sofia Skyttner, 0737-12 15 79, sofia.skyttner@ki.se
Biomedicum radiation safety representative: Sabina Eriksson, sabina.eriksson@ki.se
ANA Futura radiation safety representative: Marjan Amiri, marjan.amiri@ki.se
NEO radiation safety representative: Johan Dethlefsen, johan.dethlefsen@ki.se

Radiation protection issues on Karolinska University Hospital premises
Cyclotron: Jonathan Siikanen, jonathan.siikanen@sll.se
Dental: Nils Kadesjö, nils.kadesjo@sll.se
X-ray: rontgenfysiksolna.karolinska@sll.se
Open radioactive sources Huddinge: Annie Bjäreback, annie.bjareback@sll.se
Open radioactive sources Solna: Joachim Nilsson, joachim.nilsson@sll.se
K switchboard operator: 08-517 700 00

Sofia Skyttner

Security coordinator
UF Central Administration

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