Compliance, ethics and open access

Each funding body has its own specific compliance regulations.

Most US funding bodies require awardees to be certified within areas relating to their project, e.g. human subjects research, animal welfare or clinical trials.

CITI courses

KI subscribes to CITI program that provides various compliance courses for US funding. Which course you need will depend on your project and the requirements from the funding agency.

To access the courses, go to CITI, click on "Register" and choose Karolinska Institutet in the list and login/create an account.

A copy of your course certificate(s) should be sent to, with a reference to your ongoing project(s), and should also be registered and archived together with your project.


International funding agencies may have added ethical requirements, on top of Swedish legislation, that projects they fund must abide by. It you have questions regarding ethical requirements, please contact

Open Access

Many funding agencies require open access to publications and more often also to the underlying data.

Find out more about the EU requirements or NIH's public access policy.

Please make sure to read the specific requirements for your project, and contact KI Research Data Office at:


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