Rules for booking ANA Futura meeting rooms

Our common meeting rooms in ANA Futura have been frequently booked during the spring. We are very pleased that the rooms are used, but to ensure that the they are used for the right purpose, the Steering Committee wants to clarify the rules that apply when booking the meeting rooms.

Rules for booking ANA Futura meeting rooms

  • Educational activities (such as exams, courses, examinations) should not be conducted in ANA Futura meeting rooms. There are other premises intended for education/teaching on Campus. Good news however, is that room Lagerlöf will be able to be used by all KI staff in the future, see information below.
  • Groups outside ANA Futura may use our meeting rooms, but it requires that at least one person who is physically in ANA Futura hosts the meeting and also participates. There are groups that have a separate agreement with ANA Futura to use the meeting rooms, these are exempt from this rule.
  • The meeting rooms are booked in the Outlook calendar or spontaneously on the screen outside the room.
    • Do not forget to check in on the screen when you arrive at the room (you have 10 minutes to check in from start time), otherwise the room will be canceled.
    • When booking the room, do not forget to ensure that you receive an email that the room accepts. If the room says no, someone else has booked the room before you. It is important to note that even if the room says no, the room remains in your outlook calendar invitation. Although the meeting room is specified in your outlook calendar invitation, it is not a confirmation that the room has been booked, only the email from the room guarantees that the booking has been processed.
  • Leave the room clean and tidy. 

Booking rules for meeting room Lagerlöf is changed

The Steering Committee ANA Futura has decided to change the rules for booking meeting room called “Selma Lagerlöf” on the 4th floor (in the library's premises). The meeting room is not much used, so in the autumn the room will be possible to rent at an hourly rate and booked via TimeEdit. The room will be able to be used for both regular meetings and for educational activities. We will return later with more information when the transfer to TimeEdit is completed.


What if I, as ANA Futura staff, want to rent the room?

For ANA Futura staff who want to rent the room, an hourly rate will be applied.

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