Statutory Medical Check-ups

Systematic preventive changes to work environments should eliminate, or at least minimise, risks for illness or injury on the job. Despite such precautions, certain types of work still entail risk. Employers are required by law to provide medical check-ups for employees engaged in such jobs.

Hierarchy of controls

Statutory medical check-ups are conducted on employees in order to detect the effects of certain environmental workplace hazards. These medical check-ups can include a physical check-up, tests, conversations with a doctor, and completing informational forms. 


The aims of statutory medical check-ups are to: 

  • establish whether an employee’s physical condition permits certain types of work; 
  • and permit early detection of health conditions caused or worsened by certain types of work, so as to enable corrective measures in the workplace.  

Some types of work require medical check-ups as part of an aptitude report. These reports are to be documented. Administrative fines apply in case of missing aptitude reports.  

Medical check-ups are mandatory for many types of work 

Regulations AFS 2019:3 9§, established by the Swedish Work Environment Authority, specify the jobs that fall into this category, including:

  • Work entailing exposure to vibrations 
  • Hand-intensive work 
  • Night work 
  • Work with allergenic chemicals  
  • Hazardous particulate, such as from asbestos or quartz 
  • Lead 
  • Cadmium 
  • Mercury 
  • Jobs entailing great physical strain: working at great heights, working with smoke or chemical exposure, and underwater work

Further details and definitions can be found at AFS 2019:3 ( In Swedish) 

In addition to the works above, medical check-ups are required for the following:  

  • Work with test animals (AFS 1990:11) 
  • Work with noise causing hearing loss (AFS 2005:16) 
  • Work with contaminants (AFS 2018:4) 
  • Work with artificial optical radiation (AFS 2009:7) 
  • Work with ionising radiation (SSMFS 2018:1) 

Employers must also offer statutory medical check-ups in such cases that a risk assessment deems necessary, for example in the event of dangerous exposure.   

Ordering Medical Check-up  

Fill in the form “Ordering Medical Check-up”, electronically and upload the form in the Avonova portal in connection with the order in the Avonova portal. Avonova contacts the employee to book the time for the meeting. Carefully review choosing the right medical check-up. Contact any Avonova Healthcare centre if you have questions regarding the medical check-ups.  

Note: If similar medical check-ups were previously completed by Previa, records of any relevant aptitude reports should be brought along.   

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