Information screens at KI

There are several digital screens on our campuses, where we advertise what is happening at KI. The purpose of the screens is to display information about events that take place at KI.

On the screens, we publish time-limited content that is tied to a current event or, for example, an upcoming course. Content with the aim of promoting KI:s various activities, units and functions is better suited for other channels. Advertising is usually done about one to two weeks before the date of the event or the last registration date.

The target groups for the information on the screens are KI:s students and employees.

Advertise on the screens

If you want to advertise on the digital screens, first contact the communicator or the main editor at your department. Many departments have their own local screens and know where they are located. At several departments, there are also communicators who have the authority to advertise on other screens at KI:s campus. List of main web editors of all departments at KI.

Department-specific information or advertisements about research conferences that only concern a small target group (not the majority of KI:s students and staff) are advertised locally, for example on the screen located in the same building as your department.

The Communications Department handles overall advertisements that concern the majority of KI:s students and employees, usually on behalf of KI:s management.

Templates and design

The ads must follow KI:s graphic rules with our profile colours, fonts and logo. This is important to create a uniform feeling in all of KI:s buildings and for visitors to be welcomed to one and the same KI, regardless of which room they are in on our campus areas. Digital display templates are available in Powerpoint format directly in Office 365 on KI computers. More detailed information on how to proceed can be found at How to open KI templates directly in PowerPoint and Word.


Do you have questions about the screens? Send your question to the Communications Department via KI:s contact form. Select category "Other".