Changes in the IT environment

Anything that affects the IT environment is defined as a change and must be handled by the change process. The decisions are made by the change councils called CAB and eCAB.

Examples of changes:

  • Replacement of central systems
  • Introduction of new central system
  • Abolition of a system
  • Various updates, such as a new version of something
  • Change of servers

There are two different types of changes:

  • Regular changes, handled by a CAB, (follows the standard procedure)
  • Urgent changes, handled by an eCAB, (changes that cannot be notified in time but must be handled separately)

Definition of a Change Advisory Board (CAB)

The council team is a change advisory board (CAB) at ITA. Prioritization, approval, scheduling and evaluation of incoming changes take place at the CAB. The Change Council typically consists of; team managers for support, operations, services, administration and the colleagues who have brought cases to the change council.

Definition of Emergency Change Advisory Board (eCAB)

Part of the change council that makes decisions about urgent changes.

Depending on the type of urgent change involved, the composition of the Council team can look different.

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