WISE - Events

At the moment, WISE offers 3 types of events: WISE pro (WISE professor of the month), WISE forum and WISE retreat.

WISE pro

Welcome to inspirational online talks delivered by four esteemed professors who will share their experience and advice with women who are curious about academic careers.

Time: 12:15-12:45, no registration is needed. 

WISE career retreat 30-31 March 2023

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Photo: Campusfotografen.

Retreat programme (pdf)

Retreat date: 30-31 March 2023
Location: Villa Lovik in Stockholm

WISE organises a 24-h career retreat to level up your academic career:

  • Learn about the structure of the academic career ladder and recruitment process at KI
  • Get hands-on training by a presentation coach to create the perfect pitch for your research
  • Hotel and meals are included