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At the moment, WISE offers two types of events: WISE pro (WISE professor of the month) and WISE forum.

WISE pro

Meet inspiring female role models at KI in the webinar series where newly elected professors share their career experience.

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23 May 2022

Kristina Haugaa, professor of cardiology at the Department of Medicine in Huddinge.

Time: 12:15-12:45, no registration is needed. 

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WISE forum

Learn how to tackle key career issues that female academics face from experts and key decision makers from KI and beyond. 

24 May 2022

(Un)equal opportunities in recruitment & research

The ambition of KI Strategy 2030 is to secure equal career opportunities for all employees. However, both national and KI data suggest that women lose out both in terms of the academic recruitment process and in their further research careers. What obstacles are there to women’s academic careers, and what is necessary to liberate female capacity?

Location: Inghesalen, floor 2 in the Widerström Building in KI Solna
The event will be in English. All welcome, no registration required.


16:00 Welcome by Vice President Prof Anders Gustafsson 

16:05 Opening remarks by the WISE steering committee, Academic Vice President for Research Prof Martin Bergö and Academic Vice President for Higher Education Prof Annika Östman Wernerson

16:10 The Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) gives a national overview on gender-based opportunity to conduct research in Sweden, senior analysts Lisbeth Söderqvist and Stina Gerdes Barriere

16:30 Bias in assessments, KI equality strategist Dr Klara Regnö

16:50 The KI Recruitment Committee (RU) on the recruitment process, RU chairman Prof Jan Hillert

17:00 Participant expert panel focussed on solutions

17:30 Discussions and mingle

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More events are in the pipeline:

Events related to KIs academic mentorship pilot to empower women.