Mentorship programmes at KI

Mentorship programmes can prove valuable to both mentors and mentees on a professional as well as a personal level. The relationship is to be reciprocal.

Networks, professional or non-professional, can also offer great possibilities to find your own mentor. Do not hesitate to ask a person you admire if he or she would like to mentor you - they might say yes. Together, you both agree upon a framework for the relationship, define how often you should meet, what topics you think you will discuss, and the expectations you both have on the outcome.

Why should you join a mentorship programme?

  • Networking possibilities
  • Get to know an experienced person within the field you have an interest in
  • Ask all the questions you have about possible career paths
  • You are curious, ambitious and motivated and want to learn and improve your career opportunities
  • Mentors often generously share their knowledge and experiences and give time to mentees and guide them down paths that the mentors themselves have walked

Here are several resources regarding mentorship that exist at KI.

Official Mentor for doctoral students

Are you a Doctoral student? You should have a mentor. Who can be a mentor? How do you choose your mentor? How often should mentor and mentee meet and who will take the initiative?

The purpose of the mentor-mentee relation is that an external mentor will work as a bridge from the doctoral student to the world outside the direct research environment, as well as being a personal asset for discussions without being involved in the student's projects.

More information about Mentorship for doctoral students on the KI staff portal.

Alumni Mentor Pool

KI's alumni office has an ongoing talent pool of KI alumni who are willing to be mentors. 

Students  Are you searching a mentor? Contact us at and explain your needs.

Alumni  Do you want to be a mentor? Join our alumni pool >> Contact us at

Doctoral Student Association

Details coming soon.

Junior Faculty Mentorship Programme

The KI Junior Faculty Mentorship Programme was established by the KI Junior Faculty Equality Focus Group, in 2019.

During the first year, a total of 62 mentor-mentee pairs across KI departments were matched. The mentorship programme included a virtual midterm seminar, and a final virtual closing event.

The Equality Focus Group is working with KI Career Service and the KI Office for Leadership and Organizational Development, for the planning of a sustainable long-term mentorship programme that is available for all Junior Faculty researchers at Karolinska Institutet.  

Questions? Email

Leadership Development

KI's HR department offers managers and leaders at KI development opportunities through mentoring programs.

Both academic and administrative leaders are welcome, and though the majority of the program is currently in Swedish, English mentoring pairs can be made.


M4R aim is to create Europe’s most highly regarded mentor program for researchers from universities.

The idea of Mentor4Research is to:

  • help ensure that more research results are faster commercialised in Sweden
  • be a natural part of the participating universities’ offering to researchers
  • support the personal development of the researchers and make researchers more attractive

Learn more about the program and how to apply at M4R

Biomedicine/Toxicology Mentorship Programme

The Mentorship programme (MP) is a one-year mentorship program, jointly organized by the Biomedicinska Utbildnings Sektionen (BUS) and the Doctoral Students Association (DSA), within Medicinska Föreningen at KI. The initiative is run by the Mentorship Work Group (MWG).

Within the programme, a mentor is matched with a mentee. A mentee is a first year Biomedicine/Toxicology master student, seeking for academic and professional guidance. A mentor is a PhD student affiliated at KI, willing to share their perspective and feedback, tailored to the student's specific needs.

The application period opens in October for mentors and in November for mentees.

For additional information contact us at: 


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