Career structure for academic staff

To be able to continue to conduct internationally leading research and education KI need to offer clear career paths for its academic staff. Therefore, KI has formulated a career structure for an academic career.

With the career structure KI aim to demonstrate the diversity of career opportunities within the university.  The positions Assistant Professor, Senior Lecturer and Professor can also look different depending on if the position is within the profile with a research focus or an educational focus. The idea behind the career structure is to create possibilities for people to apply for jobs based on different focus and merits. Please note that this is not a career ladder that people need to go through step by step within the same profile. 

To clarify the career structure and its positions, KI has developed a set of rules. The assessment criteria for these positions are regulated in three documents. 

The appointment procedure for teachers at Karolinska Institutet and the supplementary document Instructions regarding the appointments procedure at Karolinska Institutet (English versions will be added, please see the documents in Swedish in the Swedish version of this page). The third document Rules regarding other positions than teaching positions at Karolinska Institutet (ref 1- 1109/2022) regulates positions whose duties are mainly within research, research support and research infrastructure. 

The career structure and its set of rules should be characterized by transparency and clarity – the criteria for advancement must be clear to both those inside and outside the system. 

The positions that are indicated in bold in the picture are regulated in the Rules regarding other positions than teaching positions. Other teacher positions are regulated in the Appointments procedure for teachers at Karolinska Institutet and its associated Instructions.

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