Safety rounds

As a manager, you must promote a good working environment by preventing risks at work in order to prevent accidents and ill health. One way of doing this is to carry out safety inspections.

Health and safety audits are an important part of systematic work environment management. The aim of a safety inspection is to detect work environment deficiencies and risks. These risks/deficiencies should then be risk assessed and addressed as part of an action plan, which should state when, how and who is responsible for what.

Start of safety rounds

  1. Contact Patrik Emanuelsson and inform him that you want to create a master copy of the KI digital checklist for your department in KI Survey. Also state who should have so-called superuser access at your department.
  2. Patrik Emanuelsson returns with file name and confirmation of superuser. Superuser(s) then inform their organisation how to handle safety rounds.
  3. KI Safety Round Checklist (department name) version 1.1 is now available by superusers in the KI Survey.


No questions may be removed from the KI digital checklist in the KI Survey, but it is possible to adapt and add your own questions.


Our advice is to create only one master so that local safety rounds start from your master, where you only indicate where safety rounds are carried out. This way, each department/group of departments (such as Biomedicum) will get a good summary of all units/groups/functions within each department/group of institutions.

Form for the start of a security round