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The access card is a value document, the holder of an access card is required to keep it in such a way as prevents its unauthorised use. It is also forbidden to copy the card or lend it to a third party.

To obtain an access card, employees or affiliates must present a signed verification form by the responsible boss/responsible for the institution, when the access card is made. 

Misplaced cards must be reported immediately to the issuer. The holder is required to return his/her card to the issuer for deregistration at the end of his/her employment.

The routines are different in Solna and Flemingsberg.

The routine at Solna

Access cards are issued at Aula Medica, Nobels väg 6. A photo station is located in Aula medica, to the right of the reception. Photography is done before you pick up your access card. Don't forget to bring a valid ID card.

Aula Medica and the reception are open weekdays at 08:00 am to 05:00 pm and the reception is closed för lunch at 12:00-12:45 am.

Note! In Biomedicum, a signed verification form is not needed due to other digital routine.

The routine at Flemingsberg

Access cards are issued at Alfred Nobels allé 10, 4th floor. Contact person: Torgny Norén. Don't forget to bring a valid ID card.

Pic-up time: weekdays Monday - Friday after appointment. Contact person Torgny Norén.

Apply of a asses card/KI-card for Students

Lost asses card/KI card

If a KI card is lost, a new photograph does not need to be taken, you turn to the respective campus card handout and get help to print a new one. Your photo is stored.

Don't forget to bring a signed verification form and a valid ID card.

Report lost cards to or to our security guards on campus,, who can also be reached by telephone:

Campus Solna: 08-524 864 29
Campus Flemingsberg: 08-524 860 60


In case of error:
Report an error to (the fault report applies to the machine fault or problems with access to premises)


More information for logged in staff

There is more information for those of you working in the following groups

  • All KI staff
  • C3.Department of Physiology and Pharmacology
  • C5.Lendahl
  • C7.Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics
  • H1.Andressoo
  • H1.Klinisk geriatrik
  • H2.Department of Biosciences and Nutrition
  • H5.Department of Laboratory Medicine
  • H5.Månsson
  • H7.Betsholtz
  • H7.Björkegren
  • H7.Department of Medicine, Huddinge
  • H7.Hematologi
  • H7.Rydén&Mejhert
  • H9.Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology
  • H9.Med njursjukdomar
  • K2.Kardiov m
  • K8.Department of Clinical Neuroscience
  • K9.Department of Global Public Health
  • OF.Department of Dental Medicine
  • UF.Arkiv & Registratur
  • UF.IT-Avdelningen
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