Security guards, surveillance and alarms

KI hires a security company (Avarn) for surveillance with security guards at Campus Solna and Campus Flemingsberg.

The purpose of surveillance is to have an externally visible presence of guards to ensure the safety of staff, students, visitors and to help prevent, detect or prevent unwanted events such as vandalism, burglary, theft and fire.

All KI's premises are alarmed and KI has round-the-clock surveillance with varying time for staffing on site in Flemingsberg

As there are many premises available to the public on campus during parts of the day, the extent of alarms in these areas varies. The alarms are handled jointly by the Departments, Avarn and KI's Safety and security unit. The Safety and security  unit is responsible for external monitoring and that shell protection is maintained.

The goal is for all employees, students, and visitors staying on Campus areas to feel safe and secure.

Security guards on campus

KI has security guards on campus around the clock, who can be contacted if something is perceived as unsafe, threatening or that deviates from normal. The guards should be seen as a service function and be an extended arm of KI's Security unit.

The guards can be reached by phone:

  • Solna Campus: 08-524 864 29
  • Flemingsberg Campus: 08-524 860 60

In the event of any extra orders for surveillance or other general issues concerning surveillance or alarms, contact the Safety and security unit

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