Checklist in the event of a workplace accident

If a workplace accident occurs, there are some things to keep in mind depending on what happened. Below we have collected points to act on, as support.

  • Call SOS alarm 112 or KI alarm 08-524 801 00 (Avarn emergency call center)
  • Call for an ambulance/the fire service/the police and deploy guides to show the way
  • Give the necessary first aid
  • Secure the site to prevent further accident and to aid investigation
  • Make sure that someone accompanies the victim to hospital
  • Contact the KI management and any other affected companies
  • Be prepared to talk to the police and media
  • Gather everyone involved at a secure, sheltered location
  • Do not let anyone go straight home
  • Give everyone a chance to contact their family
  • Offer crisis support/emotional first aid
  • Arrange a social contact network for the night
  • Decide when the group is to reassemble the following day
  • Inform all employees of the event and of any stress reactions
  • Make sure that the victims’ families are visited in person by the group’s manager(s)


Head of Security unit

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