Accessing our gyms and activities

We have adapted our activities to meet the recommendations of KI and the Public Health Agency of Sweden to reduce the spread of the corona virus. The gyms are open but you will have to pre-book your visit.

What we do to reduce the spread of the virus

Encourage physical distance, hand wash and hygiene routines

Limit the amount of people in the facility by rules for pre-booking

Ensure frequent cleaning of equipment, surfaces and door handles between time slots

Remove gym mats and group training classes

We are accessible outside the gyms - please check our website for online classes


How do I pre-book my visit?

Create an account in Gymsystem. Please follow the instruction on the booking page

Can I use my personal e-mail address to create an account?

No. We only approve or

How far in advance can I book a  time slot?

Two weeks.

How many slots can I book?

You can book a maximum of 8 time slots per week. NB! Only one booking/day in the gym and sports hall. 

What happen if I miss my booking? 

If you miss to cancel you time slot you will get a warning. After 3 warnings your account will be blocked for two weeks.

The "check-in" doesn´t work.

Check-in can be carried out 15 minutes before your time slot starts and during the whole pre-booked time slot. Make sure that you have chosen the correct campus site in the upper drop-down list.

The QR-code doesn´t work in Flemingsberg.

  • Go to cog wheel (upper right corner)
  • Choose site "Solna"
  • Go to "Home"
  • Go back to cog wheel, choose site "Flemingsberg" and "Change domain Flemingsrberg"
  • Go to "Home"-button and check in

The QR-code doesn´t work in Solna.

  • Go to cog wheel (upper right corner)
  • Choose site "Flemingsberg"
  • Go to "Home"
  • Go back to cog wheel, choose site "Solna" and "Change domain to Solna"
  • Go to "Home"-button and check in

I can´t get in at 6 am in Solna. 

You need to have access to the BZ-house. Please contact Security Department:

What happens with my personal information?

All personal data is processed according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read more about GDPR at KI.

Other questions?

Please use this contact form