Accounts and passwords

Below you will find information on how to change password for your KI Account

Change password for your KI-account

You can change your password in Office 365, if you remember your current password.

When choosing a new password, please always remember to follow KI’s password regulations.

When you have changed your password, log out and into your computer with your new password to reset all programs and services. Don’t forget to put in your new password into other services such as eduroam and your cell phone.


Change your password in Office 365

Have you forgotten your password?

Icon of a padlock inside a cell phone.

When you have forgotten your password, you can reset your password for your KI account yourself. You need to activate two-step verification.

If you haven’t registered yet and don’t remember your password, contact your IDAC-administrator at your department (for employees, researchers and associates) or Student IT (for students).

IT Support is not able to change or reset your password.

How to create a strong password

Strong passwords/phrases should be

  • not written down
  • sufficiently long and unique to be unguessable by others

An easy way of creating a strong password is to think of a phrase or a sentence instead of a single word. Use, for instance, short words separated by an underscore, dash or other character in the sentence that you thought of.

Improve your password phrase

  • Remove the spaces between the words and capitalise the first letter of each word or use a special character like #,= or ^ to separate the words.
  • Add or replace letters with numbers and special characters using a “translator” that you have decided yourself.

Please note that you must not use your KI-password outside KI. You need to use another system for passwords used in private websites like Facebook, public email servers and others.

Password regulations

How should the password be composed?

Your password must:

  • contain at least 10 characters.
  • contain at least two letters and either at least two special characters or digits. Note that the Scandinavian vowels (å, ä, ö etc.) may not be used.
  • not contain personal information, such as your name or social security number and it may not be used outside KI.

Read Karolinska Institutet’s password regulations (pdf)

Remember your user responsibility

You are personally responsible for ensuring that your passwords meet the quality and handling specified in the regulations. Remember that your password is personal and must not be shared with anyone else, nor your security devices or authentication apps. Your password must never be communicated via e-mail, telephone or similar and must not be written down anywhere. You may not use the password outside KI. For example, it is not permitted to reuse the password for services other than KI's services, such as Facebook, public e-mail services, or private use.

Your KI Account


When starting at KI, you receive an account consisting of a username and a password. The username is called your KI ID. Usually the KI ID is composed of the first letters of your pre- and surname.

These data are personal and should not be used by others. You must not give your personal information to anyone. If abuse occurs, your accounts will be blocked.

The IT-system creating your account and KI ID is called IDAC. In case you have problems with your account, please start with contacting the IDAC administrator at your department.

When you stop working at KI

Read about what happens to your account when you stop working at KI.

If you are a student

If you are a student and have questions regarding your student account, please visit the page My student account

More information for logged in staff

There is more information for those of you working in the following groups

  • C3.Department of Physiology and Pharmacology
  • OF.Department of Dental Medicine
  • OV.University Dental Clinic
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